New Glasses

October 25, 2007 at 10:57 pm (Uncategorized)


Okay, you all know there is a story to go along with these!  LOL  My other glasses broke in April.  I went the day they broke and tried to get them fixed.  I had bought them at Sears 3 months before (Well 3 months and 1 day before actually!) Sears informed me that they guarantee the glasses for 3 months.  Period!  Now I had paid OVER $500.00 for those glasses!  I was NOT happy!!!!   So I took my insurance card and went to all 3 places that it said online would take my insurance. (We had different insurance at this point than we did 3 months before when I got the glasses at Sears.)  All three places said they didn’t take the insurance.  Arghhhhh!!!!  So I fixed the glasses myself… with duct tape!  ROFL!!!!!!  Yep, that is just the resourceful kind of girl I am!  (My Daddy would be so proud, I learned this type of behavior from him!  LOL)  At first it really bugged me….I tried to convince everyone that "Duct tape is the new gold!"  But I didn’t get any takers!  LOL  Then in about July I found color duct tape!  My problem was solved.  I am telling you that you could barely tell they were broken once I fixed them with the brown duct tape!  (Or at least people were kind to me and told me that!  LOL)  Well, day before yesterday we got NEW INSURANCE and this one was good at Lenscrafters!  Hooray!  I could not get there fast enough!  LOL 

So I have a new look.  The kids say I look weird.  I keep telling them I just look smart and they are not use to me looking smart!  It is great not having my glasses fall off my face every time I look down! 

It was interesting though.  I took the kids with me to pick out the glasses.  The lady who waited on us just could not get over how much fun we were all having together picking out the glasses. She told me "All we ever see in here are bad parents and bratty kids!"  She couldn’t believe I had made a sacrifice like wearing glasses with duct tape on the for 6 months!  She kept telling me "You are so amazing….You get along so well with your kids.  You don’t mind making sacrifices for them.  I never met a Mom like you!"  When I told her we homeschool I thought she was going to cry! I think she was more excited for me to get new glasses that I was.  She was telling the other ladies in the store when I came back an hour later to pick them up.  "This is a really big treat for this lady because she puts her kids first!  She really deserves these nice glasses!  They were all fussing over me like I had hung the moon!"  It was really a blessing to get to share a little with her on my parenting philosophy and my beliefs that my kids are a gift from God.  Who knows what seeds were planted…

Here is my 6 year old daughters interpretation of my new look…

I don’t think I have ever looked better!



  1. Christina said,


  2. Diane said,

    Great story. Love the new look. 🙂

    Yes, I'm sure she did see you were different, I"m so happy you told her why you were. She saw Jesus yesterday through you, that's awesome.

  3. jmccumbers said,

    This blog brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad you and your kids were able to shine. What a testimony to homeschooling and more importantly to God. I'm sure you did plant seeds and that God will bring the increase!

  4. redmom said,

    Well isn't that the neatest thing!! (And I love the new look!)

  5. SeekingJESUSnTeachingKIDS said,

    The glasses look great! That is such a gift to see the fruit of your labor.

  6. Robyn said,

    I think they look really good on you….hmmm more sophisticated look maybe?

  7. Elinore said,

    Oh my goodness, how funny…the duct tape part, not your photo! hee hee The glasses look great on you! I laughed so hard when I read that about you putting tape on your glasses. I thought that was only in the movies. At least you used brown tape.

    I think I'm about ready for a new pair too. My glasses don't need duct tape though…it's the lens that keeps falling out. Sometimes I go to put them on and one lens is gone – you know it's harder to see with only one lens in than with them both there, or even without them both!! ha ha

    Well, enjoy your glasses and go hang that picture right up on your wall, it's a masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great day!

  8. tn3jcarter said,

    My glasses were so bent it was getting ridiculous so I just got a new pair too. The funny thing was that I wanted to keep them "nice" so I was actually going to wear my old ones around the house and save my good ones for when we go places. Guess what happened the day after I picked up my new ones? One of the boys sat on my old ones and totally broke the frames. I'm not beyond duct tape too though to keep them as a backup pair!

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