Mental Breakdown Day

October 26, 2007 at 11:00 am (Uncategorized)

My 13 year old is one of those kids that needs to know in advance what is happening on any given day.  He has been this way all his life.  Sunday night on the way home from Awana he asked me "What’s in the schedule this week Mom?"  I replied "Well, Monday we have Art/Sign Language/Bible Study, Tuesday you all are signed up for a pottery class, Wednesday we are getting school pictures taken in the morning and then in the evening the littles have Bible Study, Thursday I am having a mental breakdown.  On Friday we have to get the house cleaned and get ready for a busy weekend."  I wasn’t too sure he had caught my plans for Thursday until we were at Lenscrafters on Tuesday.  I told him I had set up an appointment to get his eyes checked on Thursday. He said "Well Mom, I am not sure Thursady will be a good day to come back.  I mean that is the day your having a mental breakdown!"  We all laughed and I forgot all about it.  (I did rescheduled the appointment for Friday!)

So this yesterday I get up, come downstairs and start breakfast.  A few minutes later my 13 year old bounces into the room with a little more joy in his step than I usually see in him before lunch!  LOL  He hands me a card he made and said "Here Mom, this is for you!"

ROFL!!! He is soooo funny! I love my kid!

BTW, I had just read the other day over on Sprittibee’s blog that she was having a "Teacher Out Of Service Day."  I am going to have to schedule a few of those in too!



  1. Anonymous said,

    That sounds like my son. This is a story might be able to fall asleep on. I know I'll be giggling before sleep takes over.


  2. Anonymous said,

    That is what I get for laughing while I'm trying to post my comment. Nope I will not be able to fall asleep on this story. Too funny.


  3. Leigharev2 said,

    That is hilarious! He has a terrific sense of humor 🙂

  4. kellieann said,

    I'm scheduling one of those too….right now!

  5. redmom said,

    Sounds like a fun kid!

  6. Anonymous said,

    That rocks! 😉 Give him a hug from us. That kind of sensitivity and tenderheartedness will make him a great husband and father one day! 😉 WAY TO GO MOM.

    Love, Sprittibee

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