Operation Shoebox

November 11, 2007 at 10:35 am (Uncategorized)

Without question Operation Christmas Child is my favorite part of the Chrsitmas Season!  There is nothing better than seeing my children load up a shoebox with gifts for a child they will never meet on earth, but hopefully will meet in heaven because of receiving this box!

Here the kids are with all the goodies we bought got to fill 2 boxes. (One for a boy one for a girl. The pink side if for the girl!  LOL)

This is the picture we had printed and sent along inside the box.  We also made cards to send to the kids.

Here they are with the boxes filled and ready to go! (We added Chrsitmas Stickers to the boxes after this picture was taken.)
(Yes we cheated and got the biggest box we could justify still being a shoebox! LOL  I think they are more boot size.  :^)  You can fit so many great things in the bigger boxes like spiral notebooks, coloring books & lots of candy!)

After we pack the boxes we always pray for the children who will get our boxes and their family.  This year even my 3 year old prayed "That they would like the boxes and love Jesus!"  I would say that sums up this ministry pretty well!

You can also "follow the box" via videos on the Operation Christmas Child website.  My kids LOVE seeing these videos every year! 

Want to incorporate this project into your schooling?  My friend over at Filled With Joy has posted about a book and free lapbook you can do to go along with making these shoeboxes!  I am going to try to find the book next week at the Library. Make sure to click over to her blog and see the great ideas she has for making the boxes even more meaningful for your children!

National Collection week is November 12-19!  If you are not involved in a church that is participating in Operation Christmas Child you can find one in your area by using the zip code locator located HERE.  It is not too late to bless a child! 



  1. Jimmie said,

    Can you believe we did this and mailed the box to USA from China!? We wanted to participate, and so we did. 🙂 But since we're coming to USA (TOMORROW!!!), we are going to do it again this year.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Thank you for that fantastic link! This is just what I needed for a "break" but still learning and teaching to bless others. Thanks again for the great blog!



  3. Prncsstefy said,

    Operation Christmas Child is one of our favorite parts of the season too. We just finished ours and my dd was so excited to spend her own money. And thanks for the "Follow the Box" link. Very cool!

  4. Fiffi said,

    What a wonderful thing you are teaching your kids! Giving IS better than receiving.
    Great stuff Mom!

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