November 13, 2007 at 8:39 am (Uncategorized)

Guilt?  What in the world would a homeschool Mom have to feel guilty about????  I am writing this post because of the large number of emails I got after my post about not playing with my 3 year old.  (Interestingly that post does not have one comment at the time of this writing, but generated more emails than anything else I have ever posted!)

So what do we have to feel guilty about?  We stay home 24/7 with our kids.  We are there for their every need.  We choose their curruiculum.  (We even change curriculum mid year if what we chose isn’t working) We cook their meals, rub their backs, wash their clothes, take them to classes, check their papers, read to them.  We pray with them and for them.  We are there to pick them up and dust them off whether they fall off the swing set or are pushed down by the world.  We do our best, right?  But there it is…that "why can’t I do more" guilt!

You know what?  I suffer from it too!  There is SO MUCH to be done as a Homeschooling Mom!  No matter how much we do we see what still isn’t done!  If the house is clean the schoolwork is behind.  If the schoolwork is right on track the laundry hampers are bulging at the seams!  If we get down and play with the kids we know we are NOT doing something else we should be doing!

I remember years ago when I was a new Mom with one child I met a lady who had 5 kids under 7.  She was BUSY.  One day we were talking and she said something to me that I remember (and use) to this day.  She said "Sometimes when I am pulled in a zillion directions and feel like I cannot take it anymore I stop and I say out loud to myself. "I am not all things!  But I am enough!" "   Wow!  I am enough!  That’s right. God gave us these precious lives to mold and He made us the perfect parent for them.  We are enough

So the next time you feel guilty for the things that go undone remember.

  1. You are not the only one!  Others feel this way too!
  2. You are not alone!  God is with you!
  3. You are not inadequate….You are enough!
I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
Phillipians 4:13



  1. writmm said,

    Thank you….

    I am enough. I am enough. I am enough…

  2. Godsgirlnga said,

    You Go Girl!!! Hey we have 7 kids , 1 grandson and hubby and I and I have been saying….I am only one person, I can't do it all. My hubby calls us HS Mom's "Domestic Engineers" I have actually put it on applications before….we do it all, girl!!!

  3. Anonymous said,

    I love it! You seem to hit me right where I am sometimes. 🙂 And, I just read today that when I feel like I can't "get it all done", well, you can't! You'll never "get it all done." So, why fret so much about it?

  4. picluvinmom said,

    I am needing to catch up so I have not had a whole lot of computer time this week but never fear I am always keeping up viva blog reader in my email..It was a great post and realization..We all get busy and the kids entertain them selves if we are lucky..I glad I not reading a sugar coated blog but a real moms blog..
    sorry about the wrong spot thing..going to bed now night

  5. mamatee said,

    Thank-you! I really needed this today!


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