November 14, 2007 at 10:04 am (Uncategorized)

I have promised at least a half a dozen people that I would write a post on homeopathy.  So here it goes… 

Twelve years ago when my oldest son was one, my father passed away.  My son and I spent 3 months in Kansas with family and during that time my son was sick with one thing after another.  (We lived in California at the time so we were not use to the cold weather, exposed to different viruses and were under a lot of stress!)  As I was caring for him I felt helpless.  I am not a big fan of traditional medicine.  It seems to me that you take one thing and it causes another side effect and then you need something else.  I struggled through those few months without taking him to the doctor, but realizing if I didn’t want to be camped out in the waiting room a whole lot I needed a plan. 

In the back of my mind I kept thinking about homeopathy.  My entire exposure to homeopathy was a little one paragraph blurb in one of the zillions of baby catalogs I had poured over before my son was born.  It was a "natural" baby catalog and had a little Homeopathy for Baby starter kit in it.  The blurb said something like "Keep your child healthy naturally by stimulating your child’s immune system with homeopathy."  Interesting?

So we got back to California and I started to investigate.  This was back in the dark ages before the internet so I went to the phone book.  There was one lone listing in the phone book for homeopathy.  I called the number.  I told the lady on the phone my story and asked if she could help me learn more about homeopathy.  She said that she was a homeopath who dealt with chronic problems, and what i was looking for was acute care.  (I had no idea what she was talking about honestly!  LOL)  She said acute care I could handle myself at home if I was willing to do some work.  She gave me the phone number to the person who was the contact for a local homeopathy study group.  (This person turned out to be a homeschool Mom and one of my very best friends in the world, Suzie! A HUGE THANKS to Suzie who edited this post for me to make sure I had my facts and my Latin right!) I made the call and never looked back! 

For 7 years I studied homeopathy with a group of 4 precious ladies.  We were part of The National Center For Homeopathy.  We met monthly and worked through workbooks we got through NCH.  (Think Bible Study format.  Everyone has a book and does independent study through the month and they meets monthly to discuss.)  Through the years we all became great friends and we learned to care for our families through homeopathy. 

Here is how I can tell you that homeopathy works….In 13 years of being a parent NONE of my children have ever had a antibiotic.  Only one has been to the doctor for an illness and it was for a chronic stomach problem.  We did use one over the counter medicine for a few months after seeing the doctor.  Then I was able to get him regulated on some herbs for the chronic condition and got him off the OTC medicine.  Homeopathy works!

So what is homeopathy? First off Homeopathy is NOT Herbs!  (Obviously I am not opposed to Herbs, but Homeopathy is a completely different system of healing than herbs.  We do take a few herbs in our house too for ongoing things.  But that is a whole ‘nother post!  LOL)  Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine developed in late 18th Century by Samuel Hahnemann.  The term homeopathy comes from the Greek words homeo, meaning similar, and pathos, meaning suffering or disease.  Homeopathy is different from Western medicine in that is seeks to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms to prevent or treat illness.  Treatment involves giving  very small doses of substances called remedies that in larger quantities would produce similar symptoms of the illness in healthy people.  Here is an example:

Allium Cepa is the homeopathic remedy for "burning, watery eyes with with acrid nasal discharge and laryngeal symptoms."  It is for the kind of cold you get when you nose and eyes are runny and teary.  Burning and weepy.  You know just like when you are cutting an onion?  The reason Allium Cepa works for this kind of condition is because it is made from Red Onion!  (Allium Cepa is Latin for red onion.  You also learn a  lot of Latin with homeopathy!  LOL)

Homeopathy is also individualized.  You know what when you have 3 kids who all have colds they can all be different?  One may have a deep hacking cough, one has a runny nose and the third is congested.  Homeopathy works within the law of similars meaning you treat with a remedy that would produce similar results if taken non-homeopathically in large doses.  So each of the 3 colds above would get a different remedy

I know this is a lot to absorb! Homeopathy is a very different way of thinking than that of Western Medicine.  It is not my intention for this post to be "Everything You Need To Know About Homeopathy"  I just want to be "the little blurb" to someone else that might be seeking a way to take charge of their families health. Homeopathy is NOT for everyone.  Quite honestly homeopathy is a lot of work!  (Kind of like homeschooling!)  But, it is doable!  You can learn it and you can stay out of the Doctors office.

Another thing I want to tell you about homeopathy is that it is cheap!  You can easily get started with your 1st book and a couple remedies for $25.00.  I highly recommend you buy a kit of remedies if this is something you are serious about.  You will save a lot of money and be very happy you have what you need on hand at 3:00 in the morning when you most need it! 

Last but not least…if you decide to investigate this I will tell you up front there is a lot of information both pro and con for homeopathy online.  People who have spent their lives pursuing traditional medicine are most likely NOT going to support something so different.  In part this is because is is very cheap and can be handled at home without a specialized education! How could unskilled, untrained person take care of their families health at home inexpensively?   (Huh, kind of like sounds like an argument against homeschooling I have heard?)

Here are some of my favorite resources to get you started:

National Center for Homeopathy – Excellent source for all kinds of info on homeopathy.  You can also look for a study group in your area.

ABC Homeopathy – Has an online Remedy Finder!  You can type in your symptoms and it will help you locate a remedy. (This is a very nice thing, but it has made me lazy!  I use to know a zillion remedies in my head.  Now I just click over to abchomeopathy.com! LOL)

Homeopathy Overnight – Great place to order kits.  I have had wonderful customer service with this company.  So I always recommend them!  Unfortunately their website is not too good.  You will probably want to request a catalog before ordering.  (The BIG kit I have is the DOLISOS HOUSEHOLD 6C
SNGLREM51_6C which is $79.95.  and can be ordered HERE.)

1-800-Homeopathy – Another good source for kits

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines – My 1st and favorite homeopathy book

Homeopathic Medicine at Home – My friend Suzie’s 1st book and her favorite!

A Christian’s Guide To Homeopathy – Great Book!  Will answer a lot of questions if you are concerned this might be a "new age" type thing.

Minimum Price Homeopathic Books – The best price on almost every book on Homeopathy! (And the main reason I have soooooo many books!  LOL)

Homeopathy Books Online you can read for FREE!  – Look on the left hand column for Read Free and click to correct page. This is a great place to start if you want to delve deeper into the study of homeopathy! 

Homeopathy Today – A good Homeopathy Magazine

Hpathy – Online site with tons of great info for those who want to study homeopathy.

Below are some remedies I would start with.  As I mentioned above there is no one right remedy for everyone, but the ones below generally fit the symptoms I have listed.  Each will also treat a plethora of other symptoms!  I will never forget the time I took my oldest son, (then 2) over to a non -homeopathic friends house to babysit.  I left for her the remedy he was taking at the time for a cough, which was Pulsatilla.  Later she calls me and says "You realize this medicine you left says on the bottle it is for PMS!"  LOL 

Here is the list:

Allium Cepa – Common cold (See description above.)

Apis Mellifica – Bug bites, swelling and puffiness, stinging.  (Made from Bumble Bee!)

Arnica Montana – Bumps, bruises, aches and pains. 

Arsenicum Album –  Exhaustion

Belladonna – For anything that comes on suddenly.  Take at 1st symptoms.

Chamomilla – For calming and relaxing inconsolable cranky kids! (And the occasional Mom!)

Histaminum – Allergies (Think antihistamines! This is probably the least common remedy on this list.  But I do use it often for myself.)

Ipecacuanha – For persistent nausea and vomiting

Kali Bich – For green ropy discharge!  Gross!

Oscillococcinum – Overall flu symptoms (Fever, chills, body aches and pains.)

Podophyllum Peltatum – For diarrhea 

Pulsatilla – PMS

Rhus Tox – Poison Oak/Ivy & rheumatic pains

There are over 2000 Homeopathic remedies so you will never have them all.  I have about 50 and I find they cover our needs nicely!  It takes time to figure out which ones best fit your family.  I have built up my supply over a 12 year period.  You don’t need 50 to start!

I told you I was outside the box!

Happy Homeschooling,


Click HERE for my post on Homeopathy and the Flu



  1. Anonymous said,

    Thanks so much for posting this and all the links. I definitely am more interested in this than I have been before. Over the last year I have used essential oils by Young Living. My favorite is Thieves oil. Great immune booster and works well for us. I would love to learn more, but don't have much time. I will definitely put some of these books on my Christmas list!

  2. Paula said,

    What a great post! Thank you for the wealth of information! I've been using a few homeopathic remedies for a while now (arnica being one of my favourites) — but haven't done much research about what's available. You've provided so many resources to help me explore other possibilities! Thank you:)

  3. harley_davison@Hotmail.com said,

    I hardly ever write back to you, however I have to admit, I laugh at usually every post you write! I had to say thank you for your insightful information and tell you that you are close to becoming the Proverbs woman! 🙂 you do it all!
    I did use your blog about your son, illness and too much keening! I shared it with the other home school moms from my group. Hopefully they related as well. I told them I laughed my head off, and maybe it was my red-hair relating to you! not sure irregardless I always enjoy your blogs!
    I will work on sharing my thoughts and replying more often!
    Thank you again for your impeccable attitude, spirit and fervor for life!

  4. weare3 said,

    is just not enough. You reminded me of so much I had forgotten. I entered a post today on my blog just to say "Thanks" to you. http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/weare3/426957/
    Again, thank you for reminding me to quit sitting and waiting for the next time.

  5. Godsgirlnga said,

    Hey Jammin,
    Thanks for the post here on HO, I have been doing this too….but since moving here no-one has it…so I guess we will start ordering it online. We have been going through the asthma thing the past 2 weeks, and the dr wanted to give them a flu shot :0( we dont immunize our children either, wont go there though!!! THANKS!!!

  6. shawnkhall said,

    Hi Jamin,

    First time commenter, I saw the subject and had to read. 🙂

    Anyway, while our family has been using alternative medicine methods forever (my family (esp my dad) is made up primarily of chiropractors), my wife just started taking an online homeopath course (it's inexpensive) and she's thrilled with it so far. Here's a link to more information about the course:

  7. Anonymous said,

    I also use homeopathic for my 6 kids and find it works wonderfully…I have a naturalist I can call who will help me and occasionally I have to go see him if the virus has a great hold on us or something serious. My youngest has had terrible time teething..ear infections, fevers, diarrhea, cranky…the pits, but with the right remedy she is brand new… thanks for all the resources, they will be helpfull in the future…I have learned alot over the years but still feel a little confused at times over what remedy to use.

  8. Anonymous said,

    Sence I had last Child seem to become allegic to everything. some I've had problem with previously like citric acid in Tomatoes. now bread and and other things. Do think something in homopathy that return my system to normal. Or any Ideas I know you not a doctor I just desperate for Ideas

  9. Jacqueline said,

    Wonderful to read this post of yours. We also have home schooled from the beginning and I, too, have a now 14yr old son. When he was 6mos old, we began going to a naturopath who also uses homeopathic remedies. We have recently, as in the past six months, begun using a NAET practitioner. NAET is a non-invasive allergy elimination technique. http://www.naet.com anyone whose children have any kind of allergies, should look into this. Great post. thanks for sharing your insights. Very valuable to all.

  10. Kat said,

    Thanks Jamin, for all your research and putting it to paper. I posted it to my blog for future reference.

  11. deannadebondt@yahoo.com said,

    By the Grace of God, I was led to this site, while looking for free Advent Color Pages. Our youngest son, my parents and I have been under the care of a licensed Homeopath for 5 months, and chose that route ever our oldest son had such great success with his remedies for Double Depression. We, all, went for different reasons, and are in awe at how each of our remedies have been working! Thank-you for your informative blurp. Our homeopath is 4 1/2 hours way, if there happens to be no traffic. In our town we have only 4 small places in which to purchase every day remedies, leaving us to order our special ones from Hahemann Labs out of Modesto CA, but there is no Homeopath here in town, thus my plight parallels yours a bit as to educating myself for it is $150.00 per visit. Our Homeopath does answers all our emails and calls throughout the month with extra no charges, but it is pricey! Anyway, I thank-you for the information, and will continue to look for a group in town that could help me.

  12. Anonymous said,

    I would like to thank you for all the hard work I Know you put into this!!!
    I would also like to thank you for posting it! I have been looking for something like this for years…
    My son has astma and we have worked hard to take care of him. He couldn't go out and play like a "normal" boy cause of it..I have finally gottin him off all the meds that the doctors had him on, (they were shutting down his amunn system. he is doing allllooottt better now but some times it does start up again with the pollen and cats, Cats are his most problems but he loves them, how can I keep him away from them? He knows what's going to happen but his love for them has overcome the results of the outcome.
    I am trying to get my kids (2 girls ages 9 and 10 and 1 boy 8.) to do the lapbooks, and not having to much luck with my 10 yro mostly..
    So I'm going to start one on "Homeopathy" I didn't know where/how to start until your blog page, thank you so much and I would love anything that you could send or help point me in the right direction for resources and help.. my email tcmom3@yahoo.com
    I live in Springfield Tennessee and don't know much about the homeopathy here but am going to start something anyways, who knows maybe talk to others that might be willing to learn and help.. Please, please please keep me updated and informed of what's going on with it / what/where I could learn more!!!
    I don't seem to be able to change the anonymous..
    Plus I would like to say that I love your blog, I find myself laughing at most of them..
    When do you find the time to do all this? I have 3 and they keep me going non-stop most every day..when I hit the computer they start yelling for me…" I NEED YOUR HELP NOW" please keep us in your prayers! lol

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