How To Make Candy Turkeys

November 16, 2007 at 10:57 am (Uncategorized)

I am re-running this from last year…

This is a very kid friendly project!  I a planning to have the items on hand so the kids can make these while they wait for dinner this year. 

Here are the instructions:

You need Double Stuffed Oreos, Chocolate Frosting,  Whoppers, Butterscotch Chips & Candy Corn.

1.  Take the Oreo apart.  Make sure all the white filling stays on one side.  With a table knife cut a slit through the white filling. 

2.  On the other half of the Oreo cut off a small piece to make a flat edge.  Smear frosting on the side of the cookie that use to be attached to the white filling.  Stick the flat edge of the frosted cookie in the slit you cut in the white filling. 

3.  Place a Whopper on to make the body. 

4.  Fill the frosted side with Candy Corn to make the feathers.

5.  Use a Butterscotch Chip to make the face, stick it on with the frosting.  Make sure to get the drip side down to get that Turkey look!  LOL

That’s it! 

Here are my kids working hard last year making Turkey’s!

Some people ate more than they made!

Happy Turkey Day!


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  1. Robinlyn said,

    Hi, I got here through the Random blogger button. How fun. I have visited your blog before and always enjoy seeing what you are up too. We made turkeys a few years back but we used rice krispy treat balls for the body and a candy corn for the head all held together with icing. yum.
    Thanks for all the work you do for the homeschool community.

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