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November 27, 2007 at 9:44 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was the final day of the Beth Moore Bible Study I mentioned I was taking a few months ago.  What a blessing this study was to me!

I have a confession to make…I have avoided Beth Moore studies for years!  Why you ask?  Well…I have always heard wonderful things about Beth Moore studies.  However, every time someone has told me how great the studies are they follow up with "There is a lot of homework!"  Now come on.  I don’t have time for a lot of homework!  So, I automatically excused myself from it!  I mean I am a homeschooling Mom, God would surely understand! 

Well….Last year our homeschool group started offering a Bible Study for Mom’s during the week at the same time as the kids had co-op classes.  I was so thrilled when I heard they were doing this!  I mean the kids could be learning at the same time I was!  Excellent!  Then I heard it was going to be a Beth Moore study!  humph!!!  Had I not already told God I was too busy for this???   I really wanted to get together with a bunch of other homeschool Mom’s for a Bible Study so I went ahead and signed up.  I told myself I just wouldn’t do the homework.  God would understand!  So, I go to the 1st class and as "luck" would have it the study was "Living Free".  It is what I would call "Beth Moore Lite"  It was actually a follow up to another one of her studies called Breaking Free.  The main point of the study was learning how to pray God’s Word back to Him.  It was wonderful!  I went to the 1st class and learned that this study only required about a hour a week for homework!  That I could do!  So I did every bit of it!  God blessed me so much through that little study!  I could feel Him tugging at my heart in ways I had never felt before in my whole life.  I wanted MORE!!! 

Shortly after the 1st study ended I learned there was going to be another Bible Study during co-op.  I decided the first study was such a good experience I would sign up for the next one….even though I didn’t know what they were studying!  LOL

I show up the day of the study to find out we are doing another BETH MOORE!  LOL And this one is NOT Lite!  Nope, this one is a study of the book of Genesis and requires about an hour a day of homework!  I could not wait to get started!!! 

I have to tell you all this.  If you hear that your church, a friends church any church is offering a Beth Moore study….RUN, don’t walk to sign up!  This woman has the most amazing, challenging, life changing way of teaching God’s word!  I don’t want to lead anyone to think I have not done Bible Studies before.  I have done many of them!  When we lived in California I was in a Womens Bible study for 6 years straight.  I was blessed by all of them, but none of them filled me up the way this one did! 

And about that homework….I am here to tell you that the hours I have spent over the last 10 weeks studying God’s word with the Beth Moore study guide have been the most wonderful moments I could imagine!  Not only did I manage to do all the homework I looked forward to every minute of it!  I scheduled it in.  I looked forward to it and thought of it as my time of rest and relaxation.  Much of it was hard work! This material forced me to struggle with God in a way I had never done before!  But, I have made it to the other side so much stronger in my beliefs. So much more convinced that God was thinking of me way back when The Patriarchs walked this earth!  The book of Genesis may have taken place many years ago.  But I can tell you it is as fresh and new today as it was back then! 

I wish I was more eloquent in telling you all I learned!  Honestly I don’t think it can even be put into words!  I think that only I can understand the blessings I got from this study, because only I have been on this journey call "my life".  Each of us are on such a different path but God is there with each and every one of us on our journey.  I know he has as much to teach you as He did me  even though the actual lessons may be very different!

It is my prayer that this post will encourage someone to take the step and find a Beth Moore study to dive into.  I guarantee you….You will be BLESSED!

Here is the link to Beth Moore’s webiste Living Proof

Here is a link where you can listen to Beth Moore online.

Here is a link to an online Beth Moore study – Believing God

Here is a link to another online Beth Moore Study – Living Beyond Yourself

Here is a link to the Living Proof Store where you can buy studies on CD & Books and MORE!

The next thing I am doing is reading Beth’s book Get Out of That Pit with the accompanying 40 Day Devotional Journal I challenge you to join me!

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."
Psalm 119:105



  1. MySmokyMtnHomeschool said,

    I am in the middle of the Daniel Bible Study. It is awesome. I have learned so much.

    Glad you are enjoying your study, too!
    Amy Beth <><

  2. SeekingJESUSnTeachingKIDS said,

    I LOVE Beth Moore too! Our church has offered a few of hers, with dvd's. It was life changing. I go to her website every Monday (see my link) and listen to her radio program while I sit at the computer. I listen to the message everyday for the week. It is so God that I hear something new each time I hear the same message. Iol I am hoping to do more, or I will do them on my own.

  3. Anonymous said,

    My name is Amber I don't have a a homeschool blogger account and I think anonymous sounds creepy. I just came across your blog and I wanted to drop a note telling you how beautiful your family is! Your are a very creative mom! I love all of your ideas you have shared I wish I had more free time to read more. I hope to come back and read more after my children go to bed . Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!

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