December 3, 2007 at 11:28 am (Uncategorized)

I spent the 2 most pleasant hours the other night with two 13 year old boys!  I came out of my  little ones room after putting them to bed and I heard my oldest son and my rent-a-kid laughing in my oldest sons bedroom.  Not being one to want to miss out on anything I knocked to see what they were doing….I find them on the computer at  The purpose of this site is to raise money to feed the hungry,  It is accomplished by advertisers putting ads at the bottom of the screen.  But what makes this so fun?  Well, you earn the rice 20 grains at a time getting questions right in a vocabulary game!  This game is fun, challenging and addictive!  (We ended up earning 10,060  grains of rice 20 grains at a time!  LOL) 
So here are a couple of examples of words you will find in the game:


<input type="submit" name="SELECTED" value=" 1 "> opposite

(answer – opposite)

<input type="submit" name="SELECTED" value=" 2 "> <input type="submit" name="SELECTED" value=" 3 "> <input type="submit" name="SELECTED" value=" 4 ">

howitzer means:
favorable occasion
short cannon

(answer – short cannon)<input type="submit" name="SELECTED" value=" 1 "> <input type="submit" name="SELECTED" value=" 2 "> <input type="submit" name="SELECTED" value=" 3 "> <input type="submit" name="SELECTED" value=" 4 ">

So what you are doing is looking for another word that means the same thing as the 1st word.  A lot of the time you are making educated guesses.  But the longer you play the more you start seeing the patterns in the words.  For example we quickly learned that words that ended in "opia" had to do with vision or the eyes.

The boys were amazing! They knew all the words that had to do with pirates and the middle ages!  LOL  I was also really impresses with their general knowledge and how logically they could put information together and make correct educated guesses.  I could really see how all the reading both of them have done has paid of in their knowledge base.  I was pretty good at the Latin based words since I have had a lot of exposure to Latin words through Homeopathy.

We laughed so hard because my 13 year old came up with a little victory dance and every time he would answer a question right he’d be dancing around the room while my rent a kid and I answered 3 more questions!  LOL  Then sometimes we would argue about the answers.  All of us giving out logic as to why we were right!  Once someone said "trust me" we would go with their answer…But they BETTER be right!  LOL  It was really a hoot!

My husband was telling me that this type of a game is really beneficial training for SATs and when I read the FAQ at the website they actually mentioned the same thing! 

This was one of those spontaneous things that will always be a great memory for me.  It was 2 hours well spent….Plus we earned some rice to feed the hungry!  Sounds like a win-win to me!

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  1. Leigharev2 said,

    I did this for about an hour a few days ago. It was good for my brain matter and I learned a few new words in the process.

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