Boston Tea Party Lapbook

December 4, 2007 at 9:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Here is the latest lapbook from our house!

The Boston Tea Party
We thought it would be fun to make the whole thing into a GIANT tea bag!  LOL

Here is the inside


Patriots & Loyalists:
Patriots = People who supported the revolution
Loyalists = People who were loyal to the king.

Boston Massacre:
In early March, 1777 some Patriots started taunting the British yelling "FIRE."  And fire they did! 3 civilians were killed and 2 more died later.

What did the British do after the Boston Tea Party?
Closed the port canceling trade and virtually shut them off from the rest of the world.

1765 – Stamp and Townsend Act are passed
1773 (early) – Boycott of tea sold by East India Company
1773 (late) – Boston Tea Party

Loyalist & Patriots Wheel of Names:
(L)Tories & (P)Whigs
(L)Royalists and (P)Congressmen
(L)Kings men & (P)Rebels

Boston Tea Party:
How were the Patriots dressed for the party? – The Patriots dressed like Indians
What did they do with the tea? – Dumped it into the Harbor the ships were docked in.

Sons of Liberty:
Paul Revere. Thomas Young, Joseph Warren, Alexander McDougall, James Otis,
Patrick Henry, John Hancock, Isaa
c Sears, John Lamb, Marinus Willett, John Adams, Sam Adams.

Sugar Act – A tax on sugar. 6 pence per gallon of molasses. Passed on April 5th 1764.
Stamp Act – A tax to transfer certain documents.  It rangd from one penny to several shillings.
Townsend Act – A tax on anything imported from England. The result of the 7 year French War.
Tea Tax – Passed on May 10th, 1773.  A tax on British Tea.  Some Patriots stopped buying English tea.

James Otis:
Quote– Taxation without representation is tyranny!
Who is James Otis – A Lawyer from Massachuttes who spoke on behalf of the Patriots.  Born in 1725 he thought himself to be a Torie fo a long time, he never publically said so when he changed.  He was the 2nd of 11 kids and a friend to Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense.
Define "tyranny" – An unjust, corrupt King or Monarch.
Define "taxation without representation" – Taxes that are put into action without being voted on.

This was done by my 13 year and was a free lapbook from Homeschool Helper.  HERE is the link to the FREE printables.

They even had the nerve to tax our cup of tea!  On the back of the lapbook we included the lyrics from our favorite Boston Tea Party song!

From HISTORY ROCK  (1974)

Music & Lyrics: Lynn Ahrens Sung by: Lynn Ahrens

Rockin’ and a-rollin’, splishin’ and a-splashin’,
Over the horizon, what can it be?

The pilgrims sailed the sea
To find a place to call their own.
In their ship Mayflower,
They hoped to find a better home.
They finally knocked
On Plymouth Rock
And someone said, "We’re there."
It may not look like home
But at this point I don’t care.

Oh, they were missing Mother England,
They swore their loyalty until the very end.
Anything you say, King,
It’s OK, King,
You know it’s kinda scary on your own.
Gonna build a new land
The way we planned.
Could you help us run it till it’s grown?

They planted corn, you know
They built their houses one by one,
And bit by bit they worked
Until the colonies were done.
They looked around,
Yeah, up and down,
And someone said, "Hurray!"
If the king could only see us now
He would be proud of us today.

They knew that now they’d run their own land,
But George the Third still vowed
He’d rule them till the end.
Anything I say, do it my way now.
Anything I say, do it my way.
Don’t you get to feeling independent
‘Cause I’m gonna force you to obey.

He taxed their property,
He didn’t give them any choice,
And back in England,
He didn’t give them any voice.
(That’s called taxation without representation,
and it’s not fair!
But when the Colonies complained
The king said: "I don’t care!"

He even has the nerve
To tax our cup of tea.
To put it kindly, King,
We really don’t agree.

Gonna show you how we feel.
We’re gonna dump this tea
And turn this harbor into
The biggest cup of tea in history!

They wanted no more Mother England.
They knew the time had come
For them to take command.
It’s very clear you’re being unfair, King,
No matter what you say, we won’t obey.
Gonna hold a revolution now, King,
And we’re gonna run it all our way
With no more kings…

We’re gonna elect a president! (No more kings)
He’s gonna do what the people want! (No more kings)
We’re gonna run things our way! (No more kings)
Nobody’s gonna tell us what to do!

Rockin’ and a-rollin’, splishin’ and a-splashin’,
Over the horizon, what can it be?
Looks like it’s going to be a free country.

Click HERE to view No More Kings on YouTube.


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  1. ancientruins said,


    I have been homeschooling for 16 years now but am new to lapbooks….didn't even know they existed until a year ago.

    Anyhow, how do you find all the pictures to include in your books? Are they "out there" in cyber land or do you use your own clip art?

    Thanks for the help. We are doing one on the colonies right now.


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