Santa Pictures

December 7, 2007 at 10:47 am (Uncategorized)

I realized yesterday while we were standing in line for Santa pictures that I may have given the impression that I am anti-Santa in my Santa vs. Jesus post.  I’m not, I just like to keep the focus of Christmas on Jesus!  With that said one thing I do really enjoy is getting my kids pictures taken with Santa every year.  It is more or less my Christmas gift each year.  Before anyone asks my 13 year old is not forced to be in the Santa picture!  He does it because he knows I enjoy the pictures and he says he likes doing it for me.  I always give him the option to opt out, but so far he never has!  (I tell the kids that when they are grown and married I hope they are still going to the Mall and getting a Santa picture together for me for Christmas!  LOL)

On the way home from getting the pictures taken we were talking about how expensive it is to get Santa pictures taken.  (It was $29.97 for one 5X7 and the picture on CD with permission to get them printed wherever I want!  YIKES!)  Then we started talking about the "real" cost of these pictures…

Boys shirts – $10.00 each

Dress – $20.00

Santa Hats – $4.00 each

Black Jeans – $10.00 each

Haircuts – $32.00 (Which we covered with HATS!  LOL)

Purse – $8.00

(Total $142.00)

Pictures to treasure over the years….priceless!!!

I have to say this was the neatest Santa!  He asked my daughter what she wanted and she said an American Girl Doll.  Then he said "Oh, which one?  Kaya, or Felicity or Niki?"  She was amazed he knew the names of the dolls!  Then he told her to make sure she reads the books because that is where the real treasure is.  After talking to both of the little ones at length he sent them over to get a coloring sheet.  He then turned to my 13 year old and said  "You are a fine young man to participate in this day and keep the spirit of Christmas alive for your brother and sister."  I thought that was so sweet that he acknowledged my older son and made him feel special too.  I don’t think he gets a lot of 13 year olds visiting him!  Oh, and I forgot the best part.  When we first came in he was off on a break.  When he came back he walked around to everyone shaking hands while he sang Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  It made for a really nice trip to see Santa!



  1. mom2two said,

    …and a great picture too!

    Yvonne :o)

  2. mamatee said,

    Wow, you were lucky to get such a neat Santa! Too bad they weren't all so… well… Santa-ish, lol!

  3. MichelleMcKinney said,

    J, you are always so up on everything! Full of energy! I'm still thinking about when and if we are going to do Christmas pictures! 😎 Sounds like you met a wonderful Santa. All three kiddoes look gorgeous…growing so quick!

  4. bitsandpieces said,

    Awww, I want to go to YOUR santa, I am so jealous. What a sweet photo, and well worth the $$!

  5. JamieD said,

    How precious!
    My son took his first picture with santa this year. He is 13! It is the BEST present EVER!

  6. Anonymous said,


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