My Dad

December 10, 2007 at 10:46 am (Uncategorized)

Today is my Dad’s birthday.  He passed away in 1996, but this day is always a special day for me.  A time to remember my Dad…

I was totally blessed to have a WONDERFUL Dad.  My dad was the ultimate family man.  He LOVED his family and put us before everything else.  If he had other interests he never let them show.  He did everything for us and with us. 

Here are a couple of fun memories I have of my Dad:

My Dad loved to swim, but he would not put his head in the water!  LOL  He would splash around with us and it was so much fun!  He also wore the same red swimsuit for as long as I can remember!

My Dad was an excellent Roller Skater.  He could skate backwards and he would hold my sister and my hands so we could skate forwards with him.

My Dad was a quiet man.  (This may have been the result of having 5 sister and then marrying and having 2 daughters.  The poor man didn’t get much chance to talk!  LOL) 

My Dad always had a compliment for everyone.  He told my Mom, sister and I how beautiful we were on a continual basis.  He never missed a chance to tell us he liked our hair, clothes. etc.

My Dad was funny!  He had a dry sense of humor though.  One funny thing I remember was one time my Mom mentioned that she was going to take a shower but didn’t want to get her hair wet for some reason.  My Dad snuck in the bathroom and dumped water over the top of the shower curtain to drench my Mom!  LOL  (My Mom retaliated by switching his aerosol deodorant with her hairspray!)  It was a fun house to grow up in! 

My Dad had this weird obsession with matching socks.  He was a very neat and tidy man and it drove him crazy that he could put 6 socks in the dryer and get 5 back.  (I think there are black holes in dryers personally!  LOL)  Anyway, at one point my Dad actually sewed snaps on all his socks to keep them together in the dryer!

My Dad had a thing for Duct Tape.  He fixed anything and everything with Duct Tape.  (Yep, that is where I get my Duct Tape obsession from!)

It never bothered my Dad to carry my Mom’s purse for her!  If we were out shopping and my Mom was trying on clothes or just needed her hands to shop Dad would carry her purse!  I know this is a funny thing to remember.  It always impressed me that he was confident enough not to be embarrassed to carry his wifes purse!

My Dad made the BEST salads!  He was a very patient man and when he would cut up a salads he would cut everything into tiny little pieces that were all the exact same size.  My sister and I called them Dad Salads. and I miss them to this day!

My Dad LOVED ice cream!  He really loved Dairy Queen.  He would have taken us every day if we wanted to go!  I remember once several years after my Dad had died I ran into a friend who lived across the street from us growing up.  She told me that she loved living by us because she knew anytime she wanted to go to Dairy Queen my Dad would take her!  LOL  All she had to do was appear at our house and mention ice cream and off we would go in the car!

My Dad LOVED Christmas!  Both my parents did.  Our house was always decorated from top to bottom!  It was very appropriate that his birthday was in December.

Years ago I heard it said that "We don’t remember days, we remember moments."  Now that my Dad has been gone for so long I find this so true!  It is not the big family celebrations, the holidays or the birthdays I remember.  It is the little things.  The little moments like seeing him barefoot reading a book in his chair, cutting up a Dad salad, going on a walk.  The moments are what I really remember!

Happy Birthday Dad!  I love you!!!

My and my Dad 1989

He Was My Dad

He was my dad,
He was always there for me.
He made me laugh and listened to every word I said.

He was my dad,
He complimented me daily.
He believed in me.

He was my dad,
I knew it was the most important thing in the world to him.
I probably took him a little for granted,
Although I somehow always knew he was the cream of the crop!

He was my dad,
I loved to hear him sing in church,
And smell his cologne,
And make him proud…

He was my dad
I never had to wonder if he loved me.
He told me he did everyday.
He lived his life in a way
That proved his family was the most important thing to him.

He was my dad
And if I ever disappointed him
He never let it show.
He was my dad and
Being with him was always something I cherished.

He was my dad,
He loved  my Mom
Together they showed me what marriage should be like.

He was my dad,
I pray that I am a bit like him.
I hope that even though my kids never knew him
They see a part of him in me everyday.

He was my dad,
I know without a doubt that I was blessed.
He taught me so much
About being the person I want to be.

He was my dad,
I am so glad he loved the Lord,
Because I know
That someday we will meet again.

He was my dad,
And that made all
The difference in my life…

Thank you dad!

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  1. Robyn (aka Godsgirlnga) said,

    hey Jamin,
    I lost my Dad too in 2000, and you know you dont appreciate things about them until their gone. This time of the year is hard because I miss him too. But we (you and I) always have them in our heart.
    Tell your baby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great week!!!!

  2. kcomom said,

    Sweet memories. What a blessing to have a father such as yours…

  3. nancysnook said,

    I love this post about your dad! I did one about mine too back in Sept…the post was the 27th if you want to read it sometime. It's here:

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