A Christmas Carol

December 14, 2007 at 10:00 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday my son listened to the current FREE story at Living Book for the Ears.  It is called A Frontier Christmas Carol starring Jimmy Stewart. After he listened to the story he wrote up the following:

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has been redone, many, many times, here are a few examples:

A Flintstones Christmas Carol
In this movie, Fred, Wilma, Barney, and everyone else are putting on a Christmas Carol play. When Fred gets the lead role of Scrooge, he begins to show some Scrooge like behavior, He forgets to buy Christmas presents, going to the store at the last minute…When the play arrives, everyone is angry at him, and as the play goes on Fred realizes how horrible he has been and begs everyone to forgive him.

An Easter Carol
Veggietales did a sequel to The Star of Christmas, titled An Easter Carol, in which Larry’s Uncle (Nebby K. Nezzer ) decides to tear down the Church on Easter to build “Easterland – Where it’s Easter all year long!” He is visited by a plastic flying doll thing. (He calls it a Bug.) The doll’s name is Hope, and she takes him to Easter Past, Easter Present, and Finally shows him what the world would be like without Easter. (The true meaning of Easter that is!)

Set in present day (Well, 1988…) Bill Murray plays a character very similar to Scrooge, who when is given the task to prepare for a showing of “A Christmas Carol” on his TV station, he is visited by the ghost of Christmas past, present, future, he repents, says he’s sorry, and gets back together with his true love.

Frontier Christmas Carol
The Revolver, a Cowboy, finds a boy running away from home, The Revolver says it’s a odd time of year to run away what with it being Christmas, the boy says his aunt who he lives with hates Christmas, and so, he hates Christmas too. The Revolver tells him the story of Eben, (Ebeneezer Scrooge) who owned many ranches, was really rich, and basically told the whole story with a western twist.
In the end the boy realizes he needs to go home, and the Revolver helps him cut down a tree, and gives him something to give his aunt.

Here is my idea for a Christmas Carol that has yet to be done…

A Yogi Bear Christmas Carol

Yogi would be the scrooge Character,  Booboo bear would be the ghost of Christmas Present, Cindy Bear would be the ghost of Christmas past, and Ranger Smith would be the ghost of Christmas Future.

Yogi’s error would be stealing Picnic Baskets.

In Christmas Past he would be shown a family that didn’t get to spend their day at Jellystone Park because he stole their picnic food, in Christmas Present show him that Ranger Smith didn’t get to enjoy Christmas due to many complaints about Yogi, and In Christmas Future, show him that he will end up in a Zoo if he keeps doing this!

He would repent, and everyone would be happy.


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  1. msack said,

    How do you think up such great assignmentsfor your kids. I just might have to steal this idea.

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