Tiny Flower Pot Nativities Revisited

December 14, 2007 at 11:24 am (Uncategorized)

How about a re-run from last year? LOL

Last Christmas the kids and I made up several sets of these:

These were fun and fairly simple to make.  You will need:

2 – 2" flower pots
1 – 1" flower pot (These can be purchased at the Craft Store.)
1 – 1/2" bead
2 – 1" beads
Acrylic Paint your choice of colors.
Fabric Squares 6X6"
Craft Excelsior
Hot glue
White glue
cotton ball
gold chenille stem
yarn or twine

For Mary and Joseph:

Have the children paint the 3 pots.  Then, Mom uses the hot glue gun to place on the bead heads for Mary and Joseph.   Also add the excelsior hair on Mary using the hot glue.  Once the hot gluing is done the children can use the white glue to dress Joseph and Mary using the pieces of fabric.  Use a small piece of yarn or twine to complete Josephs head dress.

For Baby Jesus:

Use a square of fabric for the swaddling cloth.  Mom hot glues in the cotton ball as the body and small bead for the head.  Wrap up the blanket and glue.  Twist the chenille stem nto a circle for the halo and leave a stem to run down in the bead to float it over the babies head.  Have one of the children fill the manger flower pot with Excelsior.  Then Mom hot glues baby Jesus into the Manger. 

Make sure to write the kids names and year they made these on the inside with Sharpie Marker.

These make great inexpensive gifts for Sunday School Teachers, Dance Teachers, Awana Leaders, etc.


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