Holiday Ha Ha's

December 27, 2007 at 9:31 am (Uncategorized)

Here are a couple funny things my 2 littles came up with over the Holidays.

My 4 year old was of course enamored with all the gifts under the tree.  For the most part we use cloth gift bags to wrap things.  I was a little concerned that he would have a hard time not untying the bags and peeking so most of his items I wrapped in paper this year.  But he found one that was in a bag…He carried it around for several days until the tag came off it.  He brought it to me and asked if I knew who it belonged to since it had no tag.  I felt it through the bag and I could tell it was a little Pirates of the Caribbean lantern.  So I told him it was for him.  He beamed ear to ear!  Then he whispered to me "That’s great, I really like pirate stuff!"  I said "What makes you think it is pirate stuff?"  He whispered again "I had a little peek!"  LOL  I have no idea how he re-tied the bow, but he was sure proud that he got a peek!

Here is one from my 6 year old…  We were talking about what a pain it is to fly these days and how you can’t even carry water through security anymore.  My daughter asked me why you couldn’t take water.  I said "Well, there are good people in the world and bad people in the world and it is hard for the security to tell who is who.  Someone who is bad might try to bring a dangerous chemical on a plane that looks like water."  She gets a BIG smile on her face and says "Sounds like they should just get Santa Claus to be in charge of Security.  He KNOWS who’s been good and bad!"  LOL

I love seeing the world through my children’s eyes!


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  1. Anonymous said,

    So cute.. it is so refreshing sometimes to "see' and "hear" how simple things are to a child. Us adults are beyond that yet I kind of wish we didn't have to be! πŸ™‚ It makes my heart smile when little ones are so innocent and cute!
    It looks fun being a teen again too. I guess I need to get a black hoodie and iPod at least before my "tweenies" reach their teen years- so I fit in as a peer! πŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful New Year! Thanks for the homesteading info too. I signed up for the free look!

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