MP3's and Hoodies

December 27, 2007 at 11:42 am (Uncategorized)

I mentioned yesterday that we have been teasing my son that he is not a "real" teenager because he didn’t have a black hoodie.  Well, another thing that seems to be standard "teen" garb around here is an MP3 player.  Now he has had one of those for awhile.  I on the other hand just got one for Christmas!  Yeah!  Well, I just happened to have a black hoodie too…So now it is official…I am a teenager!  LOL We just couldn’t resist a few shots of us being teens together!

I love my news iPod shuffle!  It is teenie, tiny and holds a ton of music!  (240 songs, which is plenty for me!)  What I like best about it is it’s really simple.  On, off, play, pause, forward, backwards, and volume control is all it has.  Which is perfect for someone like me that doesn’t want to learn to use another complicated electronic gizmo!

When we were taking pictures we realized Dad has a black hoodie and MP3 too!  LOL  So here we are, all 3 of us being sullen teens together!  Who says homeschooled teens don’t have peers to deal with?

We are so silly!
I am having more fun being a teenager the second time around!  LOL

We do get a kick out of seeing all the kids at the high school near us in their black hoodies.  It is like it is the official uniform of the school!  I keep telling the kids that if the school had a dress code the kids would all be screaming "NO WAY!"  But, then they all voluntarily dress the same!  LOL  We humans are strange and wonderful creatures!

Here is what I have on my iPod so far:

Coming Up To Breath Mercy Me
Go Newsboys
Shine…The Hits Newboys
The Wonderful Cross Various Artists
Hiding Place Selah



  1. Diane said,

    You guys are so funny!

  2. Anonymous said,

    I got an i-pod shuffle last Valentine's and I love mine too! You are right about the simplicity! Perfect for us Mom's! I can't imagine ever needing more than 240 songs at once, can you? And there are free pod casts around the net and audio books that you can upload to i-tunes and then put on your shuffle! Neat little gizmo!

    And so you know, I have a black hoodie too — so I can join your gang — uh, club — family. hahaha 😀


  3. cahanbury said,


  4. MitchTyRyanAndJames said,

    How funny! Now I'm feeling left out, because I DON'T own a black hoodie…or any hoodie, for that matter!

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