Keeping Dad Informed

January 10, 2008 at 10:04 am (Uncategorized)

When we first started homeschooling my husband wasn’t completely convinced that homeschooling was the best thing to do.  After all, we had both been educated in either public or private schools and we came out alright.  But, God had really laid it on my heart to homeschool, so he agreed we could try it. 

I realized right away that he really had no idea what we did all day.  He would come home from work and ask my son what we had done that day and at 4 he was more likely to say "We played!" than anything else.  Now, as a homeschooling Mom I am thrilled when I my kids think learning is "play", but it probably impresses Dad less.  LOL  Then Dad would ask me what we had done and most of the time honestly I would draw a blank.  I mean I had moved on to dinner, laundry,  Awana, meetings at church, relaxing, etc.  What we had done at 10:00 that morning was gone from my mind.  (I knew we were doing good "stuff" but when put on the spot  I couldn’t always remember the details.)

I decided we needed a system to keep Dad informed.  So I set down to the computer and made up a form.  I made my form to be one page for a week, but you could do it daily or monthly, whatever works for you.  On the form I made a space for each day of the week and each subject I was teaching at the time.  Math, Science, Reading, Bible, P.E., etc.  Then each day before Dad got home from work I would sit down and go through our day and fill in the blanks.  I would list what books we had read, board games we had played, bike rides to the park, etc.  fitting them each into the proper categories.

At the end of the week, when it was filled in, I would leave the form on the dinner room table.  Dad would take a look at it when we came home and was looking through the mail.  Soon I noticed Dad was a lot more comfortable with our homeschooling.  You know it makes complete sense to me now that I look back. Can you imagine Mom if you were the one that was go off all day and someone else was going to teach your kids?  You had no idea what they were learning or how they were doing?  It would be nerve wracking!

A side benefit of this system is I have great records of what we did in those early years!  LOL Another thing is I really felt my confidence grow as I was able to look back at all the great things we were doing day to day.  Instead of feeling like "Well, I am sure we have done something educational latley?"  I could look as see exactly what we had been doing and learning. 

At the end of each month I  would look back over what we had done and write out a little assesment of the month.  I would note what things had been learned and what things needed to be worked on. 

How long did I do this?  For several years.  When my oldest was in 2nd grade we started using Sonlight and I had the teachers manual to show what we were doing.  After a couple of years I think my husband stopped looking at them.  Once our oldest was getting a little older and he could see that he was learning and doing great he stopped thinking about whether homeschooling was going to work.  He saw that is was working.

With todays could do something like this on a blog and have Dad check in their to see what you are doing.  I know nowadays my husband gets the bulk of his information about what we are up to with school by reading my blog. 

Occasionally my husband will say something like "Just don’t worry about it, the kids are all doing fine.  If you need to take a break for a few days or weeks eveything will be just fine."  :^)  That makes me HAPPY!  I have earned his trust through the years as the teacher of our children. 

I don’t think either one of us could imagine educating our children any other way at this point.



  1. Anonymous said,

    I have two children in college that I homeschooled K-12 and a 5 year old mid way through 'K'. I did a very similar thing up to 2nd grade. I used Konos and felt the same way after 2nd, but in upper middle school, I started to think about having to make transcripts and started the process again. I can't tell you what a difference it made for me to have those wonderful records, rough and incomplete as they were. As a homeschooler, many private colleges that my oldest applied to requested more information than a transcript provided. They also helped alot when filling out schlorship applications. In addition, much like the blogs, it was a 'trip down memory lane' for my children and a wonderful help in scrapbooking (I'm always several years behind:-)
    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and I would encourage you to keep up the records, even though you don't need them now. They will certainly come in handy later.
    Blessings to you and your family

  2. mama2gems said,


    Do you still have a copy of that form? I would love to see it so I could do something similar (for the same purpose too). Thanks for your time.

    Mrs. H.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Hi Jamin…I just wanted to say that I have found the same type of thing in a book called "Homeschooling: A Patchwork of Days". It is basically a book written by a bunch of different homeschool families and how a "Typical" day in their lives looked like(and they created a quilt together as they wrote the book which was right up my alley). I needed something like that so that I could develop my own sense of what our family's day might look like, and so I would have an extremely simply record keeping system. Anyway, I typed out a sheet of paper for each one of my boys that has the subjects listed Bible, Math, Reading….and more specific options underneath like this: M T W TH F S SN LifePac (or Awana, or a _______) on each line. I listed everything we might do in a year on this one sheet of paper. Now all I have to do is print out a new one each week (I usually add a This week's Focus: at the top too). And each day I simply circle the M's for Monday…T's for Tuesday..and so on… which ones we accomplished…and as he gets older he will circle what he has accomplished. I love it because it gives me a sense of freedom each day and I can also glance at it and see what subjects have been ignored. I also use the back of the page to sort of journal my thoughts on that particular week and how each child is doing. Then I use the 3-hole punch and stick it in a notebook that will hold all of his Planning and Learning Logs for years. My husband loves this too because he can give his input (like reading a Psalm/Proverb each day) and I can use that as a mini subject under Reading. I hope I didn't bore you with all the details. Thanks for all your encouragement and ideas. Hugs, Leah

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