MLK Lapbook

January 18, 2008 at 10:55 am (Uncategorized)

Just in case anyone is looking for something to do for the MLK Holiday on Monday I thought I would re-run my post on the lapbook we did last year. 



We have a drawing of MLK Jr. along with quotes from his I Have a Dream speech.  On the bottom is a brief description of his life.

Folder #1:

Here we have a mini book my 5 year old put together.  A Vocabulary booklet made by my 12 year old son and a little booklet by my 5 year old telling one thing she learned about MLK Jr.  On the right side we have a pocket for additional worksheets and coloring sheets.  (Even the 3 year old contributed a coloring sheet for this one!)  the 2 booklets on the right are Martin and Me and a Q&A sheet my 5 year old filled out. 

Vocabulary Words:
Civil Rights
Non- violence

My daughter wrote:
I learned that he is very famous.  He tried to make all people be treated the same.

Martin & Me
This was a worksheet we found that compared your life with MLK Jr. 

It included:
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Brothers and Sisters
Activities Enjoyed
Father’s Occupation
Mother’s Occupation
Goal in Life

Folder #2
In this one we have an Acrostic Poem for Dr. King.  A picture my 12 year old drew of MLK Jr giving his famous I Have a Dream speech. and 2 clouds with info on the kids dreams.

Acrostic Poem:

Didn’t give up.
eally had a dream
illed on April 4th, 1968
Have a Dream was his most famous speech.
ave his life to try and stop racism.

Here are the sources we used for the printables in this lapbook:

I Have a Dream speech

Watch a video montage of MLK giving I Have A Dream Speeech



  1. Doverspike1 said,

    Hey, I just checked out spelling city! Thank you. My kids will definately enjoy it. Actually I have been playing with it, and it is fun. have a great day, and thank you for ALL your research and hard work.

  2. Doverspike1 said,

    I went on the spelling city this morning and could. I just tried 100 times and it says it is forbidden!
    why. this site was great. help

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