American Girl Place Part 2

February 2, 2008 at 9:19 am (Uncategorized)

This is "the rest of the story" from yesterday.  If you have not read part one click HERE.


So, yesterday I told you about our day at American Girl Place through lunch.  Here is the rest of the day…

After lunch we went to the Photo Studio to get my daughters picture taken with her doll. 

Here is the official picture we had taken:

My daughter was THRILLED to have her picture on the front of American Girl Magazine.  (Yes, it actually came on a copy of the latest magazine.)

Here are a couple shots I took of her while we waited to get her picture taken.

I love this shot!
Doesn’t she look pretty?

After the photo shoot we went and looked at the exhibit of items from the American Girl Movie, Molly. This was HUGE for my daughter!  She loves all 3 of the American Girl movies and this was as close to a brush with fame as she has ever had!  LOL

Dresses and the Movie Poster

Another shot of the dresses.

Telegram from the movie and Molly’s glasses.

More goodies from the movie.

Not wanting to miss a thing my daughter even played on the American Girl website!  She thought is was really funny that you could shop online from the Store!  LOL

We had to visit the Bitty Baby Nursery too!
I could have spent a lot more time in this room.  But, my daughter was rushing me through at this point so we could make sure to see everything!  If money grew on trees Baby Brother would have gotten a few new outfits too!  LOL

So since it was my daughters birthday celebration we went ahead and let her do her birthday shopping too.  Here is what she selected.

Felicity’s Tea Dress

Irish Dance Dress complete with curly wig!  LOL (There are shoes for this one, I am not sure why we didn’t put them on for the picture.)

Ivy’s New Years Dress

American Girl Place Swim Suit.  This is sold only at the American Girl Place and was the bargain of the day at $8.00! LOL

This is also exclusive to the American Girl Place.  It is the Spring 2008 outfit. (Also a bargain at $14.00!)

So that was our very special day!  I can tell you it was worth the money and the effort to go to Los Angeles.  At lunch my daughter could not stop thanking me for taking her and telling me how special she felt.  At one point she said something about being so grateful that no one could take the memories of this day away from her and that this was the best day of her life!  It was a very special day for me too!

What more could a Mom ask for?

Oh, one last thing.  I have had several people ask me about budgeting for a trip to the American Girl Place.  The truth is they have the prices for EVERYTHING on their website.  I spent time figuring out how much the things we were planning to do would cost ahead of time.  There were no surprises.  As far as the shopping we gave my daughter the money we would normally spend on her birthday for gifts.  Then she chose what she would spend that money on. (With a little help from me.)


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  1. drewsfamilytx said,

    Sounds like a fabulously fun day!!!

    What a beautiful birthday girl!

    (oh and those are MUCH better than Barbie or Bratz, too.)

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