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February 4, 2008 at 10:41 am (Uncategorized)

One of the reasons I took some time off from my blog is because I had a bunch of ideas of things I wanted to do for school and home that I never had time to get to.  One of those things was an American Girl Lapbook. 

I have been thinking about this for a long time….I noticed as my daughter and I have been reading through the American Girl series that each of the books have a lot in common.  They each represent a important time in American History, they all have a family, friends, pets, a home, toys, etc. 

So I started thinking…Why couldn’t I make up a lapbook sort of template that could be used for any of the girls in the series?  I contacted Ami over at   She had so graciously made up the wonderful booklets for the 12 Days of Christmas Lapbook I had designed.  I thought I would hit her up for some more booklets!  LOL

Well, guess what?  We did it!!!!  And I am here to tell you Ami did an amazing job!  This is so much better than what I had originally envisioned! 

There are booklets for the following:

Did You Know?
Fun Facts
A Peek Into the Past
Recipe Pockets
Best Friend
Books in this Series
Prized Possessions
Mother and Father
Other Characters
Favorite Books in the Series
Time Era Tools
What I Learned From This Series
Book Report
Plot Triangle
Vocab Flap Book
Vocab File Folders

And as if that is not enough there are also booklets for all of the following that are customized to each girl!!!

______________ World
Who is ______________?
In _____________ Day
Living in ________
___________ Favorites
___________ Changes
Where did ___________Live (A booklet with a map to color in the home state of each girl.)
_________ Pet

If anyone is wondering that is over 30 booklets!  ALL FOR FREE!!!  YAY!!!!!  These could literally be used to cover a whole year of American History,  They are all open ended questions so you can use them for any age girl.

My daughter and I had a blast coming up with the ideas for this lapbook.  We have started our first one, on Felicity of course!  Hopefully I will have pictures of the finished product to post soon. 

There are no words to thank Ami enough for making all these beautiful booklets for us! 

You will find all the free printables HERE.




  1. Anonymous said,

    I can't wait to see pictures! Hurry up! ~lol~

    🙂 Ami

  2. dgutierez1 said,

    I would love to see the free printables but nothing happens when you click on the link. HELP!


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