February 5, 2008 at 10:03 am (Uncategorized)

While we were in Los Angeles we spent one morning in Hollywood.  Having worked at ABC TV "back in the day" I have spent zillions of hours in Hollywood.  I really feel at home there.  (Weird, I know!  LOL)  For some reason we had never really taken the kids to Hollywood before.  We would drive through and I would point things out , but we had never parked and looked at all the Walk of Fame or seen the hand and feet prints at Mann’s Chinese Theater.  So this trip we changed all that!

Our first stop was Mann’sChinese Theater

The little kids were excited to see Minnie and Elmo there!

There was also a Pirate that looked just like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.  I didn’t get any pictures of him, but he was one of the funnier moments of the day!  He came up to my daughter and asked her if he could hold her doll.  She is so trusting she just handed it to him!  LOL  As she was handing it to him I was yelling "Never give anything to a PIRATE! "   Once he had her doll he decided to "bargain" with her.  He tried to trade it for her shoes, her coat, her necklace!  He was really funny and my daughter played right along. He finally gave it back because even Pirates are nice to little girls!  LOL

Here my 13 year old found Arnold Schwarzneggers hands!

My daughter checked out Julie Andrews handprints (Or Mary Poppins!)

Will Smith

My little guy couldn’t care less who the hand prints belonged to.  It was just FUN to put his hands in all of them!  LOL

We had just watched The King and I when Grandma was visiting.  So the kids liked this one!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of John Travolta’s
I was a teen in the 80’s and he was a teen heart throb!  LOL

Checking out Whoopi Goldbergs braids with Dad.

Now for the Walk of Fame!

Mickey Mouse!

Bill Cosby (My 13 year old adores Bill Cosby!)

Snow White

Winnie the Pooh


Even the Bears at Build A Bear have stars in Hollywood!

We also visited the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  This place is sort of a respite from all the craziness going on outside.  (Plus they have really elegant bathrooms which are MUCH better than anything else in the area.  LOL  I will have to post about my bizzare ability to scope out good bathrooms someday!)  Back when we lived in L.A. the Hollywood Roosevelt had a really interesting museum in it all about The Golden Days of Hollywood.  Unfortunatley that is no longer there.  One of the funny things we have told the kids about over the years is about the pool at the Hollywood Roosevelt.  Back when they had the museum there use to an exhibit about the pool at the Hotel.  The exhibit said David Hockney painted a really valuable mural in the bottom of the pool.  The sign went on and on about how valuable and rare the painting was.  It was called The Apostrophe Painting.  (We were assuming the word "Apostrophe "meant something really interesting in French or something!  LOL)  Soooo we decide to sneak out and take a look a the pool.  After much sneaking and searching this is what we found.

Yep, it is a pool full of apostrophes painted on the bottom!  LOL  Only in Hollyweird! 

Here is one last shot of me with the kids.  We had a very fun day in Hollywood!


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