4 Year Old Funnies

February 10, 2008 at 10:22 pm (Uncategorized)

My 4 year old is so funny!  He is always making us laugh!

This morning I was having the kids pack the toy closet.  (Yes, I will probably regret it when unpacking!  LOL)  My 13 year old started messing with this Go Diego Go Walkie Talkie I had gotten the 4 year old for Christmas.  No matter what button he pushed ALL the messages where is Spanish. I was in the next room and he comes out of the toy closet. (Area under the stairs.)  He says "Mom, why did you buy this? It is only  in Spanish. How is he suppose to understand what it’s says?"  Just then a cute little voice pipes up from the play closet saying "The animal sounds are not in Spanish!"  LOL

Then tonight after Awana my 4 year old gets in the car all excited and proud because he has something to give me.  I got him all strapped into the car seat and then he handed me a valentine he made at Awana.  I said "Is this for me?" and he replied "It’s for you and your honey!"  LOL

This one he said tonight, but he says it EVERY night.  Since Dad is 1200 miles away he calls every night at 9:00 p.m. our time to say prayers with the kids.  EVERY night this is what my 4 year old prays. "Dear God, Thank you that my Dad is the best, because he is the best."  ROFL!!!  It just kills me!  It is like he is assuring God that his Dad is the best, so there is no need to question it!  He never changes it.  When Dad 1st left that was all he would say for prayers.  But now a year later he continues on to thank Him for his brother, sister, the cats, the dog, his friends, his toys, his food and occasionally (If I remind him!) his MOM!  LOL



  1. amuller said,

    Yep, I love their little prayers as well….my 5yo usually says thank for blessing us. thank you for food and milk and food and milk. Can ya tell she's thankful for food and milk? LOL

  2. drewsfamilytx said,

    How precious!!!

    LOL about the animal sounds. 🙂 You've got one smart little cookie!

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