Are We There Yet?

February 21, 2008 at 10:31 am (Uncategorized)

We have arrived!  We are "there"! Our whole family is under one roof again!  It is not our roof, but thanks to our gracious friends who are letting us stay with them, our family is back together. 

The trip was mostly uneventful.  The kids kept us laughing and Dad kept us moving forward. 

In case anyone is wondering what we are doing for school during this time….I limited myself to bringing 2 crates of "school" stuff.  One is FULL of books.  We brought all our American Girl books. all our Magic Tree House books, lots of readers for my daughter.  My oldest son brought a dozen or so books of his own. 

The second crate is full of….LAPBOOKING supplies!  YAY!!!!  I figure this is the perfect time to push everything else aside and just have fun lapbooking! 

We also have one backpack with everyones Math.  My oldest son will be doing most everything on the computer.  He is listening to books on,  playing at, reading his Bible online at bibleina, and he is working on his Armenia lapbook.  He is using the Free Country Lapbook from

I am sure a good deal of our schooling will take place out and about.  We have lots of places to explore in this new and very different place we hope to soon call home. 

As for me today is my BIRTHDAY…there is nothing in the world I would rather have today than my family back under one roof! 



  1. tn3jcarter said,

    So glad that you all are able to celebrate all together. Enjoy!

  2. mamatee said,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May your day and this year be filled with abundant blessings. May you grow in strength, health and happiness and always in the will of God. I pray that this year will draw your family closer together (both physically! and spiritually). May you experience the peace that comes from God alone and may your life be filled with the love of God, your family and your friends. Many, many blessings on you Mama!! Take care.

  3. SchoolinRhome said,

    Happy Birthday, Jamin! Congrats on getting everyone under one roof! I bet that feels great after being apart and enduring on! Have fun lapbooking! I can't wait to see your finished products!
    Enjoy your adventure!

  4. JamieD said,

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! May God Bless You with Many More!

  5. jenn4him said,

    Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful gift!

  6. Lizzie said,

    Happy Birthday:)!

    I fully understand the wanting the family back under one roof!

    A Dusty Frame

  7. Anonymous said,

    Happy Birthday!!!! What state is this new home in? So glad you are all back together. I had no idea until you wrote that post a while back how long you had been living separately. I know that must have been really hard.

  8. jewls2texas said,

    Hey J!
    Happy birthday!
    My birthday is the 28th!!! That is so cool.
    I am wondering now if I am older than you. Do we really want to know??
    I was born in 1970 – – – making me 38 in about a week. Edited by jaminacema on Mar. 2, 2008 at 12:01 AM

  9. Anonymous said,

    happy birthday jammin, I'm glad you guys are all together.

  10. Anonymous said,

    Happy Birthday, and so glad you guys are all together in the same house again!!!

  11. writmm said,

    Happy Birthday! What a wonderful birthday gift! Enjoy your time with your family!


  12. Godsgirlnga said,

    Hi Jamin,
    Happy Birthday and Im so glad your family are together again…I know what that is like myself and hated it. Have a great tommorow (TGIF) Have you joined The Homeschool Lounge yet? An last question, don't you have a lapbooking site? can you reprint it?

  13. proverbsmomof3 said,

    I hope that you get your wish. Sending you birthday blessings.

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