My Birthday

February 22, 2008 at 10:14 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was a great birthday!  As usual I planned about 4 days of FUN into one day!  LOL

Here is my birthday from a homeschool perspective….

The kids and I started out the day with breakfast at Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts.  Trying to make the day educational I read all the signs about how doughnuts are made to the kids.  Then while we were eating we talked about what makes up a dozen and what a bakers dozen is.  (MATH!)  Then my 13 year old told us the History of the doughnut.  It turns out he just saw this on his new favorite show  Good Eats.  This conversation morphed in to a discussion about the Pilgrims and how they went to Holland before they came to America since doughnuts came from Holland. (A fact which I never knew until I homeschooled my kids.)  (HISTORY!)

While at Krispy Kreme we met a homeschool family!  This was VERY exciting since we have only been here 3 days.  (Hi Mindy!)  So the kids played and watched the big machine make doughnuts while we Mom’s talked homeschooling.  (SOCIALIZATION!)

Then we headed to my favorite store…IKEA!!!  The drive to IKEA was very stressful.  It was raining and this was my first time to drive in the city.  On the way there I taught the kids a few new words!  LOL  (LANGUAGE ARTS!)  Only kidding! hehehe

Once we made it to IKEA the 2 littles went to the PlayLand.  My 13 year old and I walked every inch of IKEA in 1 hour.  (P.E.!)

We left IKEA and headed to Dad’s work to meet him for lunch.  On the way to Dad’s work we encountered our 1st experience with toll roads.   This led to an in depth discussion about how taxes provide things like roads and why people would ever agree to have toll roads in their area!!!!!!  (SOCIAL STUDIES!)  (Plus as an added bonus the kids learned a couple more new words!  LOL)  My 13 year old then entertained us by describing how Mom was like Dr. Jeckle and Mr Hyde depending whether I am on a freeway or a toll road! (DRAMA!)  (He does a very funny impression of me turning into a monster when I hit a toll road!  LOL)

After lunch with Dad (Where we learned things like standing in line and eating fast so Dad can get back to work in a hurry.) We headed over to see some homeschool friends of ours.  THAT’S RIGHT!  God has blessed us with homeschool friends from where we use to live!  They moved to our new city 22 months before us and have been waiting patiently for us to arrive.  It was SO fun to see them all having a blast together like no time had passed since we last saw them.  (SOCIALIZATION)  They were playing a Lego Computer game part of the time we were there.  (COMPUTER & LOGIC SKILLS)  Of course my friend and I got some good socilaizing in too!

Then we headed back to where we are staying to meet Dad and our friends for dinner.  On the way to meet them I am it was raining and the traffic was terrible.  I am pretty sure I heard some praying coming from the back seat.  (BIBLE!)

WHEW!  That was one great educational birthday!  We covered Math, History, Socialization, Language Arts, P.E., Social Studies, Computer and Logic & Bible! hehehehe

Want to know what gifts I got for my birthday? 

THIS has been ordered from my husband and THIS from my kids!

P.S.  Thanks to ALL of you who sent me birthday wishes!  You all bless me so much.  I am overwhelmed with the number of comments and emails I got yesterday! 



  1. 4sweetums said,

    Happy belated birthday. I love you birthday homeschool style. Sounds good to me.

  2. redmom said,

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday!!

  3. writmm said,

    That sounds like an absolutely fabulous birthday!

    Your gifts look nice too!

  4. jilly said,

    Hope your day was fun and special– it sounds like it was! And I love your gifts, that shirt sounds like you!

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jamin, happy birthday to you!
    I know this song in three languages, but I'll spare you!

  5. momwith3kids said,

    Sounds like you guys had a busy day.

    Tell your son that is my fave show. Alton Brown taught me how to make fudge that actually worked. I love it.

    I've never even seen an ikea. Is playland like a spot for the kids while the parents shop? If so, that sounds great…although I'd be so afraid to leave my kids alone I prob wouldn't use it. My DD loves to shop like me, so she wouldn't stay.

    Glad to see you all back together. I'm sure it was hard on you being away from your DH. Take care and God bless.

  6. DanielleW said,

    Happy Birthday to you!

    We love Good Eats too. I find him very education and extremly funny.

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