Happy Birthday Treasure Hunt

February 26, 2008 at 9:20 am (Uncategorized)

I did a treasure hunt in August for my oldest sons birthday.  I came up with the idea because since we were living 1200+ miles from Dad we were not giving him his "real" gifts on his actual birthday.  I wanted to do something to celebrate on the actual day and this was a HUGE success.  The other kids quickly informed me they also wanted a treasure hunt.  So a new tradition has begun!

Here is the latest treasure hunt!

Happy Birthday our little GEM, today you are 7!  Time passes too fast…Soon you’ll be eleven!

A treasure hunt is the thing we will do.  To celebrate and say Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

So here’s your first clue.  What could be said?  You will find it hidden under the bed!

You found that so fast!  What a good girl you are.
Now go and find one out in the car.

Now that was too easy.  Here is clue number two.
Look in the bathroom in a basket that’s blue.

 You think this is easy?  Let’s make one not so.
Under the sink is where you should go!

You found another!  Just one more to go.
Look under the T.V.  The BIG one you know.

 You found the last one!  We hope you had fun!
We love you so much our precious one.

 Happy Happy Birthday!!!!
Love Mom, Dad and your brothers.

Her she is with her pile of gifts!  (All little things I picked up on the 4 for a dollar table at Claire’s!)

Opening gifts.
Her brothers look on!
Have I mentioned my 13 year old is silly!  LOL  Yes he is wearing one of her new headbands!  Crazy boy!
Loving on her new stuffed penguin.It was a very happy day!  She was actual very surprised when she woke up to a treasure hunt.  She said "I didn’t think you could do it when we are staying at someone else’s house!"  She is such a sweet girl!



  1. SeekingJESUSnTeachingKIDS said,

    It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! I am glad you were able to celebrate as a family. I couldn't imagine how hard that year must have been. I want to do that treasure hunt one day. I know my kids would LOVE it! Happy Birthday Miss "7" 🙂

  2. homesklr said,

    I've read each of your scavenger hunt for the birthdays and they sound like so much fun. My daughter turns 7 in a few weeks so I think we will give it a try here. She will love it. Too bad you aren't moving to TX ( I don't think we are 1200 miles away from LV 😦 )we would love to meet you all sometime. I've read your blog from the very beginning so I already feel like I know you. Thanks for finding time to continue to post in the midst of everything that is going on.

  3. bbullard said,

    I did a similar thing for my husband many years ago. Not being a visual learner, he struggled to get the hints from the clues I would give, so strategically placed–it was frustrating, although as he found the gifts, it made it all worth it. Looks as if your little gem was more successful than we were. Her smile looks as if she enjoyed it. Great job, Mama!

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