Freebie Friday – Feb 29, 2008

February 29, 2008 at 10:07 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to Freebie Fridays!

This week I am going to start out with a few follow up items to last week’s Election focus.

I found a great website called Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids.  This site provides learning tools for kids grade K-12, parents, and teachers. These resources will teach how our government works.  So whether your little ones are just ready for the ABC’s of Government or you want to teach older kids about Citizenship, this site has a ton of free information.  There is something for everyone!  Make sure to check out the section on the Election Process

Next, thanks to one of our Freebie Friday readers, here are some great Election Notebooking Pages.  This great freebie includes pages to do research about the Candidates, information to learn about Primaries and Caucuses and there is even information on Political Advertising.  There are 3 pdf’s to download at the website.  Make sure you get them all!  If you have any trouble getting to the site save this email and return later. Sometimes we overwhelm servers when we all rush to get downloads at once.

Now, for a little something from me!  My 7 year old daughter and I have been using the American Girl books as a jumping off point for American History this year.  Together we designed a free American Girl Lapbook.  This lapbook can be used with any of the American Girl books.  There are some basic mini books that will fit any of the time periods and then there are some booklets that are designed just for each girl.  We had a blast making it and we hope you enjoy it too.  You will find the free mini books HERE

This one is not so much a freebie, but a contest!  Bunkhouse Sewing is sponsoring a Children’s Sewing Contest. You can find all the details HERE.

I’ll see you next week right here at – Freebie Fridays!

Happy Homeschooling,

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