The "F" Word

March 3, 2008 at 10:40 am (Uncategorized)

I recently had a very interesting conversation with my 13 year old.  He came and told me he had just learned about the "F" word.  Was I surprised he came to me and told me this? No. We talk about everything.  I was telling a friend about this later and she was shocked! (She is in her 20’s with no kids.) 

Here is what surprised her:

1.  That any human being in today’s society could have made it to 13 without hearing that word.
2, That any teenager would come to their Mom and have such a discussion!

Her view was that this was a GREAT testimonial for homeschooling!  She just couldn’t fathom that in this day and age any kid could actually maintain some innocents AND a respectful relationship with their parents into the teen years.  I was really glad to hear her perspective. I do take this type of thing for granted.  I live in a homeschool world and I really would have missed the significance  of the moment without her perspective. 

It all made me appreciate our homeschool life a little more…

This also reminded me of something that happened when my oldest was 9.  Our 6 year old neighbor had come over after school to play.  We were all sitting around the table having a snack and the neighbor piped up with "Someone at school today used the "F" word."  I was shocked!  But, before I could say a word my then 9 year old stopped him.  He said "Look, I don’t know what that means and I am pretty sure I don’t want to.  So can we move on?"  I was pretty proud of him then and I still am now!  How awesome it is that he wants to keep his mind pure.

Who knew the "F" word could teach us so much!  LOL


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  1. hugabunchmom said,

    It is so true that the loss of innocence seems to go unnoticed by many. I am glad that God placed that particular friend in your life to remind you by having this discussion, that we are so very lucky to be homeschooling our children. What a blessing to have a son who automatically discusses such things. And I love the snow!! Those pictures are just too adorable! Hugs!

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