What's This?

March 4, 2008 at 12:02 am (Uncategorized)

What is the world could be so interesting outside this window???


This is only the 2nd time my daughter has seen it snow and it is a first for my 4 year old.  My 4 year old was dancing around yelling "It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas!"  LOL 

Tomorrow is going to be FUN!!!!  We are suppose to have 2 inches by morning! YAY!!!!

This is so weird.  I have lived on the West Coast for 20 years now.  I have only seen it snow four or five times in 20 years.  It never even occurred to me that it would snow anywhere in March!  If course I did not bring anything near proper gear to play in the snow.  Oh well, they will be cold and wet tomorrow, but they will LOVE it!



  1. psalm113v9 said,

    That's incredible! We had a rain/snow mix here last night after a day in the 80's! Unreal.

    I enjoy seeing all your freebie info on Fridays at the TOS site. You find some pretty cool things for all of us to check out.

    Karla in El Paso, TX

  2. linny said,

    How fun!! Snow in Cali in March! Wow! I hope it stuck around and you have fun in it today!

  3. drewsfamilytx said,

    SNOW?! You lucky ducky!

    And what a great memory to have captured with pictures!

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