More American Girl Books

March 5, 2008 at 10:34 am (Uncategorized)

When my daughter and I went to the American Girl Place in January I saw some books there that were new to us.  They are a non-fiction companions to each of the American Girls.  I didn’t spend too much time looking at them then because I knew we were not going to buy any books at the American Girl Place.  (It only makes sense to buy new books at Border’s or Barnes and Noble since they give me a teacher discount there.)  But last weekend we were at a used bookstore and I came across one of the titles, Welcome to Kirsten’s World – 1854.  These books are awesome!  We picked up Kirsten’s World for $6.00 (regularly $14.95) and have been reading it ever since.  These books are not about the fictional girls, but the time period in which they lived.  There are lots of pictures of actual items from the time, maps, drawings, paintings, photographs.  Each page is primarily pictures with just enough descriptions to make the pictures more interesting.  My daughter mentioned that they are like visiting a museum from each of the girls time period.

Here is a picture of my daughters (18") American Girl doll with one of the books to give you an idea of how BIG these books are.

Yesterday we went to the Library and found a few more titles in this series.  We spent several hours pouring over the pages.  I am sure I learned just as much as my daughter did.  It may be that everyone except me already knew about these.  But, I am just thrilled to have found them and I know we are going to have to collect them ALL.  (Used of course!  LOL) 

Here are all the titles I found on Amazon.  They all have the Search Inside feature so if you want to take a look you can.

Welcome To Kaya’s World – 1764

Welcome To Felicity’s World – 1774

Welcome To Josefina’s World – 1824

Welcome To Kirsten’s World – 1854

Welcome To Addy’s World – 1864

Welcome To Samantha’s World – 1904

Welcome To Kit’s World – 1934

Welcome To Molly’s World – 1944

Just thought I would spread the word!



  1. Anonymous said,

    Thanks! We are ALL about Felicity here! I followed your link and got it for 4.89 + shipping! Not bad! Last week I ordered the Felicity cook book and craft book and for her birthday she got the book set and the paper dolls. We are loving American Girls!


  2. Gr8one2no said,

    I'm sure you receive these frequently; however, I just tagged you for an "Excellent Blog Award".

    Thanks for sharing!

    "Details" and I truly mean that loosely are here –

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