Goodnight Moon Lapbook

March 12, 2008 at 10:01 am (Uncategorized)

Goodnight Moon is without a doubt my favorite children’s book.  I have loved it since forever!  I am sure it must have been read to me as a child since I cannot recall ever not loving this book.  (It was published in 1947, so it was even an "old" book when I was little!  LOL) My kids love Good night Moon too.  So when I found a FREE Goodnight Moon Lapbook over at I was HAPPY!  My 4 year old completed it yesterday. with a little help from his sister.  (She really wanted to be involved in this one even though it was way simple for her at 7.)

Each of the items we glued to the cover are things that are in the child’s room in Goodnight Moon.  The items before the 2 red dots are all items he says goodnight to (In the order mentioned in the book starting with "room" at the top.) The items after the red dots are items that are in the room but did not get mentioned.  My kids were amazed to find out there is a giraffe and a elephant in the room.  We had never noticed that before! (They are stuffed animals on the bookshelf.)

Here is the center of the lapbook:
There was a lot of good learning to go along with this!  We started working on memorizing our phone number.  (Well, Mom’s cellphone number since that is the only number we use.)  We talked about left and right, cut out pictures and learned the rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle", talked about the phases of the moon, colored balloons, learned about things that are circles and even included a Bible verse. Psalms 143:8 Praise Him, sun and moon, Praise Him, all stars of light!

Inside under middle flap:

The top one is a booklet of things that start with M.  (My 4 year olds FAVORITE letter!) Moon, milk, mail and monkey.  He was very happy he got to make 4 M’s!   The Three Bears envelope holds pictures that help you tell the story.  My 7 year old LOVES them.  She has made up senveral new versions of the story with the cards.  (These could also be printed on card stock to make a felt board story.)

This is the back part of the flap:
The clock was fun to use for counting and number recognition.  The little house we didn’t do much with.  It is about rhyming words and my four year old is just not quite ready for that yet.

Back of Lapbook:
This is a activity guide that was linked to the free lapbook.  There are some good ideas to do with a little older kids.  I thought if we put it on the back of the lapbook I would be able to find it again when I want it.  LOL

If you would like to make your own Goodnight Moon Lapbook you will find the free printables HERE.


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  1. drewsfamilytx said,

    Oh I absolutely adore that book! It used to be Dash's favorite… y'know the kind that they eventually memorize and it's fun to wonder if that 2yo really does know how to read– at least just a little? 😉

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