March 13, 2008 at 10:07 am (Uncategorized)

We went to the Zoo yesterday.  I am so happy to be in a city with a GREAT ZOO again!  YAY!!! I have missed the Zoo SO MUCH the last 4 years.  I would go once a week if the kids didn’t get tired of it!  LOL

Feeding the birds

Milking a (plastic) cow!

We got to pet a crocodille.


We watched this Lion climb into the tree and lay down.  It was quite entertaining!

Measuring our wing span against the Raptors.


Oh and we found a house!  LOL  Okay, it is in the Zoo and I think they would kick us out pretty quickly.  But, if I could live AT the Zoo that would be sooooo cool!

It was a beautiful day!  Hard to believe it was snowing less than a week ago!



  1. linny said,

    Very fun! I love going to the zoo! We haven't been in awhile…good idea! 🙂

  2. Anonymous said,

    Hello, Jamin! I haven't checked your blog in a while and when I did today I realized where you moved to, or at least the general area!! Welcome! Very cool. Let me know if you would like to meet some more folks or get connected to some more groups or anything else I might be able to help you with! It would be a blessing to get to return a favor after all the helpful advice you have given me over the last several months!


  3. Anonymous said,

    Not sure if that was the Dallas Zoo, but thought you might like this info. My brother's family lives in Duncanville and they homeschool. Their oldest daughter did some kind of an internship (???) program at the zoo for a couple years, when she was younger (10-12??). I'm fuzzy on details. Anyway, because she was homeschooled, she was able to come on days that other kids couldn't. She really enjoyed the program. Just FYI!

    Tonya – http://www.tonya-lifeinourzoo.blogspot.com

  4. Anonymous said,

    Two suggestions.. some day when you have a coupon or extra money for something seriously fun, you have to go to the Dallas World Aquarium/Zoo. Very nifty. We love the manatee, and have to sing, "Barbara Manatee" as discretely as we can while we watch her <G>.

    Second, if your oldest enjoys the zoo, he might like to volunteer there some time. You have to apply in December, so it is too late for this year, but check out the Dallas Zoo website for info…

    Amy (who is only slightly sad that you decided to go with Grand Prairie <G>)

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