Saint Patrick's Day In Review

March 18, 2008 at 9:59 am (Uncategorized)

Even though I completely forgot about St. Patrick’s Day we still managed a quick study yesterday. 

We started the day by reading The Story of St. Patrick.  Then we made some green pancakes.  After breakfast we worked on some craft and worksheets I got from the free pdf I posted about yesterday.  The kids really liked making the crafts!  While we worked we talked a lot about St. Patrick’s Day.  The kids recounted the whole story that they learned form the Veggie Tales movie.  I talked with them about the trinity and how St. Patrick used the 3 leaf clover to teach people about the trinity.  We also talked about the Irish Potato Famine while we made potato puppets. We discussed Missionaries too and how important it is to spread the Word of God where ever we can.

Here are some pictures from our day:

All 3 kiddos in their silly hats!

Showing off his crafts.

This might be the most crafts we have ever done in one day!  LOL The kids really liked it.  They probably wish I was more disorganized more often! 
Notice my daughters Leprechan is a girl!  LOL  We cut off the beard to girl her hair instead.  Then she got some stylin’ pink boots!

May the wisdom of God instruct me;
The eye of God watch over me;
The ear of God hear me;
The Word of God give sweetness to my speech;
The hand of God defend me;
And may I follow the way of God this and every day.
                                                        -St. Patrick



  1. hugabunchmom said,

    YOU are such a blessing! Not only do you pass on great finds to us all the time, but then you share results on your end as well. Amazing! I absolutely love those boots on your girlie leprechaun, that is just darling. Happy Homeschooling. Hugs!

  2. msack said,

    Thanks for sharing!

    I love how your teen gets into the hands on things as well!

  3. Anonymous said,

    Hi Jamin,

    I was just researching homeschool newsletters and came across your name as the "freebie person" for the Homeschool Minute. I wanted to make you aware of a writing contest I'm holding as promotion for my upcoming book, Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled (a chapter of which will shortly be published in TOS!). The contest is for homeschool kids ages 8-18, and we're looking for their favourite stories of growing up homeschooled. No entry fee is required.

    More information can be found here:


    Rachel Starr Thomson

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