Resurrections Eggs

March 19, 2008 at 9:12 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday we made up our new set of Resurrections Egg.  We have a store bought version at home, but for some reason it never occurred to me to pack them. 

Here is the outside of the carton with the free printables I found.

Here are our eggs all numbered so we can follow the story.

This year my oldest son read all the Bible passages which was very special. I LOVE to hear my children read God’s Word.

The 2 littles took turns opening the eggs and telling us what items they found inside.

Just like her multi-tasking Mother this one was also coloring a bunny.  LOL

We will probably open these and read through the verses a few more times this week.  This is such a fun way to turn our focus on the true meaning of Easter.

If you want to learn more about Resurrections Eggs click HERE

If you want to use the same printables we did to make your own set of Resurrection Eggs click HERE.



  1. SeekingJESUSnTeachingKIDS said,

    I did the resurrection eggs as a lapbook and it is turning out GREAT. My camera broke so I can't take pictures, but maybe you can try it next year. We used 12 flaps for each egg, we either glued the item in or the kids drew it. And then I included coloring pages, word search, crossword puzzle, word mining and a few more things. I can also share it with that sight for free lapbooks, but I wasn't sure how that works.
    Your new home looks great and it is great you are all together now.

  2. drewsfamilytx said,

    Thanks for the link to the free printables! I was just wondering what I was going to do this week… and I just so happen to have a ton of empty plastic eggs.

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  3. Lizzie said,

    We are reading through our Resurrection Eggs too.
    This year they will need to be put away in a real egg box though. The purple plastic one they came in didn't hold up too well.

    It' s so special to share this story with our children isn't it?

  4. jenn4him said,

    We have our hand-me-down set out and are doing a new twist this year. We are letting the kids open one egg at a time and tell us the meaning of the egg, then we read the Scripture together. Have a blessed week.

  5. kimalita said,

    great job mom! i never knew anyone to make their own. I've laways bought a set. I think i use to have 4 at one point. But i think they have all been sent 'packin' — i dont think I have any now.
    Happy Ressurection Sunday!

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