Exploring – Nature Journals

April 30, 2008 at 12:26 am (Uncategorized)

The kids and I went out and explored 2 local parks today.  Having been in the desert for 4 years we are thrilled to be surrounded by trees, prairies, creeks and lakes.  Everything is SO green!!!!

The first park we went to is actually a nature preserve owned by the public school district here.  (We didn’t know that until they ran us off because we had our dog with us and they don’t allow dogs there when the field trips are going on. LOL)  We had fun hiking on the trails and trying to figure out which of the plants were poison ivy. 

The second park was more of a regular park.  It had a play structure and picnic tables.  But, it is also along a creek with lots of trees (And pollen, my allergies are all flared up!) and a path where you can hike and enjoy all the beauty.

This has gotten me thinking that we need to start keeping nature journals.  I have been intrigued with this idea for awhile.  Jimmie over at One Child Policy Homeschool has been writing a lot about the nature journals she and her daughter have been keeping in China.  It is so fun to look at the pictures they have drawn and compare them to the pictures Jimmie has taken. 

So I guess I need to buy each of us a notebook and keep them in the car.  I ran the idea past the kids and they all thought it sounded like a lot of fun.  Hopefully someday soon I will be posting wonderful nature drawings done by my kids.  (Mine will not be recognizable.  Can you draw a stick figure beetle or leaf???  LOL)

Okay, I am off to search for my homeopathy remedies and find some Histaminum!



  1. msack said,

    I have missed your posts!

    Nature journals sound fun, my son dislikes drawing but he is really good at it. Maybe this will encourage him some.

    Do you know if there is a child form of Histaminum? My girls are allergic to trees and grasses and have a hard time in the GA outdoors, but can't swallow pills 😦 They are 3 and 5.

  2. Marnie said,

    Hi, I love it that you moved from the desert to the midwest! I was born and raised in AZ. About 10 years ago the company my husband worked for moved us to the Kansas City area. We were so amazed by the variety of living critters
    (oh..fireflies…love them!) and plant life. The green was just wonderful. We used to go for long drives just to look at all the green. The kids could run barefoot in the yard and not have to worry about rocks and stickers ( or buning hot feet..) We loved it there. Alas, the company moved us back to AZ after only18months. But God is good. My asthma was horrible there, it's controlled much better here. I hope you enjoy your time there.

  3. happycamper said,

    Why not start online nature journals, too. They are great for the drawing impaired, like me!

  4. briarwren said,

    Are a lot of fun. That reminds me of a post I did a month or so ago about journals. It's more bird oriented but there's still lots of great books and stuff mentioned that could give you some ideas.


    Glad to see you back and that all went well with the move! We're looking at that ourselves in a couple of years to MIssoula for Grad School. It's going to take me that long to purge all the un-needed clothes, toys, and stuff just so we can haul all of our books with us. LOL

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