Teacher Appreciation Day – May 6, 2008

May 6, 2008 at 10:55 am (Uncategorized)

I just happened to come across this website the other day and learned that today is Teacher Appreciation Day.  In honor of all the AWESOME homeshcool Mom’s I know I thought I would re-post my Homeschool Teacher of the Year post…

Congratulations to the Homeschool Teacher of the Year.  This outstanding teacher is an amazing example of Homeschool education at it’s best!  This educator is confident conducting class for several grades at one time.  It is not out of the question for her to have have preschoolers and high schoolers all in the same classroom!  Not only does she teach these multiple levels, but also she trains the older student to work with the younger ones.  Curriculum selection is the sole responsibility of this outstanding educator.  Not only does she chose the curriculum used by her students, but she has to budgets and pays for all curriculum used.  Along with her responsibilities for the schools finances she develops creative solutions for teaching her students.  This includes, but is not limited to; writing songs, designing craft projects, cooking from scratch  and organizing field trips to coordinate with her lesson plans.

In addition to all the amazing things this teacher does with her students she is also fully responsible for their care, feeding & clothing.  She cooks all their meals, does all their laundry, drives them to all activities, (Of course she is also training her students to do all these things as she does them,)  She is completely responsible for the character training and discipline training of her students.

This educator is the ultimate multi-tasker! It is quite common to find her nursing a baby while teaching a Math lesson or cooking dinner while quizzing a student on spelling words.  The car is yet another classroom for this creative teacher.  She keeps the CD player going with CD’s that are educational, therefore teaching and reviewing with her students as they travel to activities.  Lectures are also frequently given while she drives.  These can range in topic from manners to the Biblical lesson of "Love one another". She has been know to teach health and self care lessons to the entire class while simultaneously potty training a preschooler.  This might also be a good time to mention that this incredible professional receives NO pay for the services she provides and works 24/7!

On top of all she deals with she is frequently questioned by well meaning people who make it clear they don’t really understand why she does what she does.  She is continually asked questions about her teaching methods and her choice to home educate her students.  These questions are gracefully answered while she pays for groceries and removes unpaid for candy from the hands of her students.

In her spare time she is wholly devoted to sharing her homeschool experiences with other educators like herself.  She has been known to volunteer time with her local homeschool group, organize a homeschool co-op, blog at homeschoolblogger.com, speak at homeschool conventions and meetings and generally be available to other homeschoolers that need support and encouragement.

Congratulations to this amazing teacher!  Her contribution to the future should not be forgotten and neither should her name.  Her students lovingly call her, Mom.

Kudos to all the awesome homeschool teachers I know out there!  Each of you truly are the Teacher of the Year in my book!

It’s demanding work to be a teacher, even during its best moments. Sometimes, teachers come across students who require them to summon every last ounce of patience and understanding. When those times come, I just ask you remember, one day that student may become the President.
George W. Bush


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