GPS – Works For Me Wednesday

May 14, 2008 at 10:39 am (Uncategorized)

Last year for Father’s Day my husband bought me a GPS.  Yep, Father’s Day!  LOL  No, it was not because he was away and I was acting as Mother and Father.  It was because GPS’s go on sale at Father’s Day, NOT Mother’s Day!  LOL

I LOVE my GPS!!!

This is one of those things I had no idea I wanted until I got it!  (My husband buys me a lot of those.  I remember the 1st computer we go back in the late 80’s.  I had no idea what we would do with such a thing.  I asked my husband and he said "You’ll love it.  You can organize recipes on it!"  LOL  You all know how much I LOVE to cook!  HA!)  Just like he was correct about the computer he was dead on with the GPS.  Since I first got it before we moved I was very familiar with my surroundings, and really didn’t need it.  I called it my "Starbucks Locator", which did come in handy! :^)  The kids called it "Route Recalculation" because I would turn it on, but not follow it’s commands therefore driving everyone nuts listening to it say "Route Recalculation" over and over and over.

Now that we have moved I have a whole new appreciation for my GPS!  This thing ROCKS!!!  I suspect some of you are thinking "What is a GPS?"  So I will explain it in the  most technical terms. :^)  A GPS is a cool little gizmo that gives you step by step directions how to get places.  All you need is the address.  You type in the address and it calculates the way.  If you don’t know the address it is pre-programmed with businesses or points of interest you can search by categories.  (Restaurants, gas stations,  hotels, museums, libraries, etc.)

This has been a life saver in our new location.  Instead of having to print out a Yahoo Map and then try to read it while I drive in the most insane traffic I have ever seen, I can just type in where I want to go and VOILA it takes me there step by step.  We have now used this for several trips to California and for driving all over the Western half of the USA during our move.  We didn’t have to stick with eating at just the places we could see from the freeway when we were moving.  We would come upone a town and I could look and see what was in that town and pick a GOOD place to eat.  (The Pita Pit in downtown Flagstaff is excellent and the Owl Cafe in Albuquerque is awesome! LOL)  We could find a hotel in an upcoming city and drive right to it.  If we needed a Mall or a Starbucks we didn’t have to crane our necks at every exit or drive around looking for one.

Another cool thing about the GPS is it gives you a definitive answer to the "How much further?" question.  The info is right there in front of you.  How many miles you have left to go and what time you will arrive.  (Not including gas and bathroom breaks of course.)  It also can by put in walking mode, so for example the day my daughter and I went to The American Girl Place in Los Angeles, the boys used it to get walking directions to The LaBrea Tar Pits.

This is going to make Homeschool field trips SO MUCH EASIER!  No more getting directions, looking at maps or having to print from Yahoo Maps for me.  I can just jump in the car.  Find the place we are going and we are off.  Not to mention that I can just as easily type in my own address and it takes me right back home.  (I always wish I had those return directions when we go somewhere, but I rarely ever think to print them ahead of time.)

Of course like any technology it is not without a few bugs.  We do have a couple of funny stories about it taking us to the middle of nowhere and telling us "You have arrived at your destination."  If your area is full of new things it can only do as well as the maps that are loaded into it.  So make sure you get one with the most up-to-date maps you can.  You still have to use common sense, but all in all my husband and I are both convinced this is the best invention since the cellphone. 

Father’s Day is right around the corner in case you want to ask for one!  LOL


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  1. Dana @ School For Us said,

    My husband bought me one for Mother's Day. I guess he didn't know about the Father's Day sales. 🙂 Anyway, I REALLY needed it. I'm one of those who is always getting lost! My daughter has nicknamed it "Inez Interrputer" because it is always interrupting our conversations. 🙂 Dana,

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