New Desks

May 21, 2008 at 10:37 am (Uncategorized)

I think it is a sure sign you are a homeschooler when you get excited over a new desk!  LOL  When we first looked at this house I knew I wanted my husband to build me a desk in the kitchen.  What didn’t occur to me until we moved in is that the Little’s would want one right next to Mom’s!  (I don’t know why I didn’t think of it since I am know as "The Kid Magnet!"  LOL)

Here they are at the new desk Dad built for us!
As you can see theirs in just like mine except lower.  One thing I have found is it is hard to find a table and chairs for kids passed the age of about 3.  There are plenty of them for toddlers, but once they outgrow that size they are hard to find.  I had to hunt for these adorable little red chairs! 

Don’t they look happy?
My kids spend so much time cutting, coloring, writing, drawing and doing playdough they really need their own space for it.  In the old house they were always having to put everything away so we could use the dining room table. They are pretty happy to have their very own desk space now!

My older son also got his own new desk!
He had a similar one before we moved, but it was all metal and it was always shocking him.  Sometimes it would even make his computer freeze up and he’d have to re-boot.  That can’t be good!  LOL

Here is his new weird chair!
Yep, it is made out of bungie cords! It is actually pretty comfy.  Although it feels weird to sit in until you get use to it.  He saw it when we went looking for chairs for the Little’s and I just decided he should have it.  He was so surprised!  We almost always buy things used so this was a big treat for him.

It is nice that all 5 of us have our own desks here.
I am expecting some serious learning to happen now! (I love this picture. He was making me a thank you note for taking him to the park! He is such a sweetie!)

Of course I am sure there will be plenty of this happening too!  LOL



  1. andijeane said,

    I'm enjoying perusing your blog! I've read parts of it before, but this is the first chance I've had to spend a substantial amount of time here. I hope it's okay if I add you to my friends list.


  2. Anonymous said,

    It looks like things are really coming together!


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