SUBWAY Get's Fresh with Homeschoolers!

May 27, 2008 at 10:05 am (Uncategorized)

Over the weekend I got several emails about SUBWAY sandwich shops current Every Sandwich Tells a Story contest for kids.  It all sounds like a lot of fun until you read the eligibility.

‘ELIGIBILITY. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States who are currently over the age of 18 and have children who attend elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted.’ (Click to see actual website)

Huh?  That doesn’t sound right?  I suspect part of the reason they are excluding homeschoolers is that the BIG prize is $5000.00 in athletic equipment for your child’s school.  Maybe they don’t realize that this could be donated to a homeschool group, church or community center that homeschoolers frequent. 

At any rate this company is obviously are not being supportive of the extraordinary efforts and sacrifices homeschool families make to educate their own children.  So if you are like me and you would like to let SUBWAY know that you think what they are doing is wrong here is their contact information.




You can send an e-mail from this link:


 Contact Corporate Headquarters:  

Subway Enterprises-Corporate Office

4800 Jefferson St NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109

(505) 881-0969

You also might want to let Scholastics know how you feel about this.  They are one of the sponsors for this program.  Here is their contact link for Scholastics.

Let’s see if we all join together if we can make a difference with this!  I think an apology and getting homeschoolers added to the eligibility for this contest would make a difference!



  1. Anonymous said,

    That is upsetting when I think of what my kids get left out of because we do not want to put them in "real" school. Thanks for telling us about this.

  2. Angie in PA said,

    Hi Jamin & everyone,
    I must admit I have been a "reader only" for quite awhile, but with all the buzz about this contest here & on many other groups and I feel the need to comment. Yes, I do think it is unfortunate that this contest is not available to our home educated children. However, let's be realistic. What would the majority of us do with $5,000 of equipment? Although it would be nice to have all that at our disposal, I would not have the storage space. I also am reminded of why I home educate. From other posts, etc. I think many of you have some of the same reasons as I. One reason my husband & I chose to keep our children out of the public school realm was so that we could have as much control as possible over their education. I know that because of this choice, there will be many things that are unavailable to us. At the same time, I don't think we as home educating families should feel that we should be entitled to participate in all offered contests, activities, etc. After all we have made the choice to follow a different path. As for contacting, Scholastic- here in PA Scholastic allows home educating families to attend all of their warehouse sales. In addition, if we pre-register for the sale they give a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase. These occur several times a year & they are such a blessing to my family. We can get many great books for $5 or less. I would be very upset to not be invited to any more sales. Plus, they do allow homeshool groups to order as a school & collect points to turn in for free books. Another great blessing. In conclusion, I think we need to remember that the good Lord calls us to march to the beat of a different drummer. I believe this means that there will be many activities that are unavailable to my family. I will choose to be happy for the freedoms we do have as home educators. There are plenty of other contests available to our children & this can be just another life lesson :o) Well, that's just my 2 cents as they say. I wish everyone a wonderful day.

  3. redaredding said,

    There were also two misspellings on the contest web page. I sent a note suggesting they might need some of those home schooled spelling champions.

  4. Anonymous said,

    I, too, feel the need to comment. Its so easy to "feel" discriminated against because we homeschool, but at the end of the day, it is our CHOICE. And, it doesn't require that we be included in anything and everything. To me, being discriminated against involves something you don't choose – being black, for instance. When you choose a life that is outside the "norm" or is considered "alternative" then you choose to not be involved in some parts of society.
    A friend wrote a great response on our support group's site and I think she said it well: "Do we always have to "fight, boycott and claim discrimination"? Don't we all homeschool to be with our children and have some influence in what they are being taught? Who cares if Subway has "discriminated" or "excluded" the homeschoolers? We are HOME schoolers after all. So, if Subway wants to award athletic equipment to a school that is their prerogative. (I feel compelled to email Subway and apologize for our behavior after reading their corporate response to our emails to them). We do have many christian families who go to public schools as well as heaven forbid, "unsaved, pagan children" who just might be good writers too! Let's chill a bit and get our underwear out of a bundle and remember all the good things that we do enjoy as homeschooling families." I think we all need to take a step back and remember why we do what we do – and stop attacking people that choose differently.

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