Blue Tape

May 28, 2008 at 10:11 am (Uncategorized)

My four year old LOVES to tape things!  I recently discovered that if I give him the blue low tack painters tape he can play with tape completely on his own.  Regular tape is too tricky for him to get off the spool.  If he does get it off then it just sticks to itself. Which aggravates him to no end. The blue tape however is easy for him to pull apart even if it does stick to itself.  Of course it is a little more expensive than regular tape.  But, he has so much FUN with it  I think it is well worth the few extra cents!

It all started with him covering sticks and pieces of paper with the tape.
This would keep him busy for hours.

Then he started using the tape to make his letters on paper.
His sister really likes to do this with him.

Now, he has moved on to making himself costumes! 

He is pretty proud of his work!

It didn’t take him long to figure out there were some design flaws with his mask! LOL

Oh, the other advantage to this kind of tape is that it easily removes from furniture, floors, clothing, skin, hair, the dog, etc…



  1. Anonymous said,



  2. redaredding said,

    You've got a future duct tape artist in the making:) He would love the boppers kids make with duct tape and pvc pipe. Have you seen them?

  3. said,

    That's a good idea! It looks like a lot of fun and a great creative toy! It's gotta be cheaper than half the stuff on the toy aisle!

  4. Tg said,

    I though I was pretty smart using blue tape on my chair rail to rotate the art work in my dining room without damaging the wood. This will be much more fun……

  5. Anonymous said,

    What fun! And bravo to you for encouraging his creativity!

  6. Anonymous said,

    LOL…I am the last anonymous commenter!


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