Homeschool Graduation

May 30, 2008 at 9:59 am (Uncategorized)

My dear friend Faye’s oldest son graduates from High School today! I am so proud of BOTH of them! If you have never read my post about my mentor and friend Faye I would encourage you to do so.  Faye is an amazing homeschool mom!  If you have not read my post about her then you do not know that she is a blind.  Honestly it feels weird to even write those words, because Faye being blind is such a non-issue.  She is AMAZING!  She makes life and homeschooling look so easy that my 2 oldest kids didn’t even "figure out" that she was blind until they were both about 6!  (My 4 year old still doesn’t notice.)  Honestly it is not something I think about very often either.  She certainly has never paused for a moment to feel sorry for herself,  and she expects no less of her friends.

Now a few words about her son...(You know the one who is actually graduating! LOL)  The first time I met this young man he was 7 years old.  His 5 year old brother was in my AWANA group and I was highly impressed with both of the boys.  He is a young man who values education.  He is a talented musician. He is respectful to adults and other kids.  He loves his family and he loves the Lord. He is also smart as a whip and just plain fun to be around!  He has already been accepted into his Mother’s Alma Mater with nearly a full scholarship!  (If you can’t see my face beaming with pride then look again!)  He is going to go far in life and keep his feet on the ground at the same time.  I just know it!  It is hard for me to believe that the little head I use to see in my rear-view mirror bowed over a Gameboy is now heading off to College!  What cherished memories Faye and I have of driving our 3 boys all over the place on homeschool field trips!

So congratulations to my friend and her son!  They both know they mean the world to me!

To the rest of the homeschool Mom’s reading this keep Faye in mind next time the road you are on seems tough.  Imagine how easy it would have been for Faye to say "I can’t do that!"  Imagine how many people told her along the way she was not qualified to teach her own children.  Imagine the extra mile she has had to go to do things that you and I can do with ease.  Imagine, and be encouraged!  You CAN do this!  If God has called you to homeschool your kids he WILL equip you with the tools, support system and "stick-to-itivness" to carry on!  And one day your child will be walking across a stage into the future you will know that you have done your best to get him ready for the road ahead.  Because honestly…That is what this whole homeschool journey is all about!



  1. weare3 said,

    WOW! I read You "My Mentor" post after reading this one. Were you a fly on my wall today or what. you gave me just what I needed today. Fortunately it is almost Summer break time for us, but it will only last about a month this year as we took many breaks during the rest of the year due to son's lack of enthusiasim and resistance. (There were many days that he was not allowed to go outside or play video game, also.:O) ) I was just too tired to argue with him. We also had SEVERAL rounds with one illness or another sticking our home. Anyway, I have become very frustrated and disenchanted. I am not ready to give up though. God has brought me back to where we began as far curriculum goes (Why do I resist? I know better.) Faye's story shows me, again, that I can do this. What an ispiration. I will be having my son read the posts. I think he will *hopefully* understand how important I feel his education is and how successful he and I can be at this together.
    Once again, thank you for your post. I admit I do not read you blog everyday (not enough hours in the day for everything), but the last several times I have read it, you have hit my nail on the head. Jammin' really ROCKS!

  2. 4sweetums said,

    Your friend is an amazing person to know. Congrads to her son as well.

  3. SuperAngel said,

    Would you tell your friend that both she and her son can enter my Homeschool Senior 2008 Giveaway? I would love to give them a chance to win a Homeschool Boutique 08 senior shirt!
    You can find more info here:

    Congrats to your friends son on his accomplishment of completing 12 years of learning!
    Prayers and Blessings,
    Miss Amanda

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