June 10, 2008 at 11:54 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, I admit I am not the tattooing type!  LOL  Awhile back my sister-in-law sent me information of Safety Tats and I finally realized there are tattoos I like!  These are just temporary tattoos, but I love this idea! 

Whenever we are out and about at places like zoo’s, museums, etc. I worry about what would happen if my Little’s were separated from me.  We all know it can happen in a minute!  (We call our 4 year old Little Houdini because he has a knack for disappearing!) Recently I have started putting their homeschool ID cards on them with my cell phone number written on the back.  But here is an awesome idea that the kiddos can’t take off or lose!  These are temporary tattoos you can have made up with your own cell phone number on them!  The have several cute designs to choose from.  At $19.95 for 30 of them the price is within reason too!  HERE is the link where you can check them out.

There is also a LOT of good information on child safety at the website.  You can read more HERE.

While we are on the topic of tattoos here is another one that its funny!  My 13 year old saw these online and sent me the link.  I am sort of famous for writing notes to myself on my hand.  I know it’s tacky, but I can’t lose it!  LOL My kids think it is SO funny! I must not be the only one that does this!  Now you can buy TO-DO Tattoos!  Just put the temporary tattoo on your hand and fill in the lines with your to-do list!  I could sure use these!  LOL



  1. j-mom said,

    Sounds like a good idea. I am such a cheapskate at heart, I kept thinking wouldn't a permanent marker do the same? OK. The permanent marker isn't as cute, the safety tats were cute.

  2. jenmcintyre said,

    When my daughter was little her biggest fear was getting lost or someone thinking she didn't belong to anyone. So I would write information on her arm and it seemed to calm her fears. These tattoos are a good idea.

    I never lost my dd. But my son is another story. It always happened in the unexpected places, like a strange church or in Lowes. You know times I wouldn't think about tattooing of writing info on him.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Just thought I would let you know that you can also purchase Body Sticker Tattoo "paper" for your ink jet printer to create ANY tattoo to suit you. It is made by "Invent It!". I am not sure of the price because it was purchased for me, but in the long run it might save you some money!!

  4. Anonymous said,

    Great idea! We also have a 4 year old Houdini! We got him a "little buddy" backpack but he doesn't always want to wear it. Then we made up labels to stick on his back when we went to Six Flags but forgot to bring them! This is great. Thanks for the info.
    Also enjoyed your posts on homebirth and midwifery. Ahhhh been there, done that too and cherish those times.

  5. salsaandtea said,

    Fabulous idea!

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