Xyron Sticker Makers

June 17, 2008 at 10:00 am (Uncategorized)

My littles have been really into making sticker lately.  One of our favorite lapbooking/scrapbooking gizmos is the Xyron Create-a- Sticker machines. These are a really great tool for lapbooking!  I like them because the adhesive gets all the way to the edges and makes things lie flat.  This is great especially for the lapbooks the kids want to look at over and over.  It makes for less chance of things getting ripped or coming loose.

Here is my daughter showing off a couple of the stickers she made.

The small ones above are done on this gizmo.  It makes 1 1/2 inch wide stickers.

We have 3 of these and the bigger ones make 2 1/2 and 5 inch stickers. 

We use the 1 1/2 inch one the most.  It seems to be the most versatile.  Of course the refills are the cheapest for this one too. *Which may be why I grab it whenever the littles want to make stickers.)

The machines cost starts at $10.00 for the 1 1/2 inch and go up to $30.00 for the 5 inch. They come with one cartridge of the sticker material.  I bought ALL of mine when they were on sale for 50% off at Micheal’s and Jo Ann’s. They also frequently have the refills on sale for 50% off.  (The refills cost from $5.00 to $15.00 at full price.)  I always scan the ads for sales and make sure to pick up refills when they are half price.

These are a luxury item and not required for lapbooking.  But, we do really enjoy ours and get a lot of use out of them.  If you are looking for a fun thing to keep your kids busy and entertained this summer I highly recommend getting the little one! (BTW, the kids do the art and I run them through the machine.  They tend to waste too much sticker material when  I let them do it.)


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  1. drewsfamilytx said,

    Oh why oh why did you post about those very cool sticker makers? And then throw in a cute little girl happily showing off her sticker creations?

    And I happen to have a 40% off coupon for JoAnn's. And it would go so very nicely with my comb binder.

    Okay, gotta go shopping now! Thanks for the tips on what size to get and brand. It is SO hard when there are choices! Sometimes a little less choice is a good thing.

    Have a great day, Jamin!

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