Snow Album

June 19, 2008 at 10:23 pm (Uncategorized)

This is completely off the topic of homeschooling…But, it’s summer so I figure it can be a what I am doing on my summer vacation post!  LOL

I LOVE to scrapbook!  However, in the last 18 months since our lives turned topsy turvy I have had very little time to scrapbook.  So when the new church we have been going to had a scrapbook night.  I HAD to go! I am painfully behind on my chronological scrapbooks.  It seems that when everything went crazy the end of 2006 I just stopped scrapbooking.  So Intead of trying to get caught up I decided I wanted to try and do a whole album in one night!  LOL Okay, it is not a BIG album.  It is just a 12 page one and I decided to make the topic the snow we had last March. 

I had bought this little acrylic album at the last scrapbooking convention I had gone to in Las Vegas.  It is very simple.  Just 6 pieces of acrylic help together with 3 metal rings.  Here is where the challenge comes in…It’s see through!  So whatever you do on one side you can see on the other.  This made for a interesting time putting it together. You have to constantly think about where you are placing adhesive and what the other side is looking like!   I really like how it came out though.  Here are the pics.

To make things simple I chose one main paper and a theme of blue, white and black.  The tag on the front is something  picked up in a clearance bin for 50 cents. (The price tag was still on it.  LOL)

Other than the main paper all the accent papers are paint chips from the hardware store!
I punched them, put rub ons on them, sanded them, etc.  It was kinda fun to work with them.  (Plus they were free from my vast collection I have amassed over the years from all our decorating projects! Yeah, I don’t throw anything away!  LOL)

I also had some BIG snowflake stickers left over from a past project.  I used a lot of velum sayings that were about happiness and joy. The little trees are quilling. Quilling is something I like to use in scrapbooking but rarely do because they don’t lay flat.  With this album anything goes since it is bound with big metal rings and doesn’t need to lay flat.

My son really liked the picture of him hitting his Dad’s best friend with a snowball!  I used the scrabble tiles to draw attention to that one.
I tore all the background paper because I thought it added to the soft snowy look.  (Plus if you cut you have to measure and stuff and who wants to do that!  LOL)

More paint chips, stickers, velum sayings and some snowflake punches.

On the back I journaled the whole thing with those old time office letter punches.  I really love using these in my scrapbooking!  I think it gives it a quirky retro feel.  (These would be really great for lapbooking too!  Wow, I never thought about that until now.  Stay tuned, we will be using these in a lapbook soon!  LOL)

This is my favorite type of project to do.  I didn’t buy anything special for this album, except the acrylic album itself.  Everything else is leftovers from other projects and thing I had on hand. I am very happy with how it came out!

I put a cup hook on the wall over my desk and have it hanging there.  I would like to get more of these acrylic albums to scrap. (Wouldn’t it be cool to have a whole wall of these?) Now every time I look at it I want to scrapbook more!  (Which is NOT good because I really need to get the house unpacked first!  LOL)



  1. Robinlyn said,

    What a creative idea!!. I especially like the idea of hanging it on the wall, how fun it that. I have been planning on organizing an area to scrapbook, (so maybe I will do it) and this has been very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Sounds awesome. I couldn't see the pics, would love to though.

  3. Christinethecurious said,

    Dear Jammin,

    Do you ever read Simple Scrapbooks Magazine? They often write about stategies for avoiding scrappers guilt, and making a mini album on a topic is one of them. You seem to be the sort of person who discovers these ideas independently though 🙂

    I made an album in the same acrylic to my trip to China last Fall when I accompanied my friend to pick up her newly adopted daughter (our husbands stayed home with our older children). I made myself crazy positioning my photos and embelishments so that the views though the acrylic would be harmonious and no tape would show on the back sides of the pages. This actually forced me to use more embellishments than usual, I love to buy embelishments, but I get so pleased with nice arrangements of text and photos, I can't find room for more, unless I start the composition with embelishments from the get go. Scrapping is very rewarding for me, but I don't seem to catch much working flow from it.

    The Chinese shop keeper on Shamian Island in Gaungzhou were used to American folks picking up babies, and very friendly. They were more interested in the backgrounds of my photos than in my subjects. My mother's front yard was mistaken for a park, and they were surprised that my son was allowed to climb trees in the woods.

    Thanks for your inspiring blog.


  4. Anonymous said,

    Hello Jamin'
    First time writer here….just to let you know my children (ages 6, 8, 10) are making their first lapbook, thanks to you!! And, wow, they are cool. We were studying butterflies, so we're putting all our info/stuff into a lapbook. Thanks so much!!! It's easier than I thought.

  5. J-Mom said,

    Wow, those are awesome. You have some of the most inspiring things here on your blog in so many different areas! Thanks for sharing!

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