June 27, 2008 at 10:47 am (Uncategorized)

I have been feeling really discouraged lately because I just don’t feel like we are making any progress getting settled after our move. I am tired of feeling displaced and I just want this new location to feel like home NOW!  So I sat down and decided to make a list of things we HAVE gotten accomplished in the 8 weeks we have been here.

  • We have found a doctor and a dentist and at least one member of the family have had appointments with both.
  • We have unpacked 75% of our boxes.
  • We have met several of the neighbors who live right around us.
  • We have tried several grocery stores and decided on a favorite.
  • We have found a lot of shopping areas around us and I can drive (Without using the GPS!) to all of them!  LOL
  • We have found a church and have already taken the first 2 membership classes.
  • I have joined a Beth Moore Bible Study.
  • We have found an Awana program and started attending.
  • We have made friends with one homeschool family who we meet each week with at the park. (And have done this for 5 weeks now!)
  • We have found a homeschool group! (And listen to this…When I introduced myself on the yahoo list to the group the very first person who emailed me back is a subscriber to my blog! Hi April! Now, if that isn’t a God thing I don’t know what is!)

When I read this list I start to realize that we are really doing pretty well with making progress.  I mean, yes I would REALLY like to be DONE unpacking! But, all in all in “only” 8 weeks we have done quite a bit.

Whew, I do feel a little better…

Everyone keeps asking me if we are all unpacked yet.  So I thought I would post this and confess that we are not!  But, we sure hope to be someday! LOL



  1. umanjoelle said,

    I'd say you've done quite well. I do not think I would have done so much if I was in your situation. Hope this encourages you a bit.Think of it this way: everything worthwhile takes some time and patience. You know that better than a lot of us 🙂
    Keep up!

  2. elastigirl said,

    Don't feel so bad. If you've seen The Incredibles, then you might recall that it took them 3 years to unpack all of their boxes. Meanwhile, you have accomplished several other things, 8 weeks is a short amount of time for everything you've gotten done. Not to mention all the other "mom" jobs you have to do. Like cooking, cleaning, and teaching.Be proud of yourself!

  3. Anonymous said,

    Just wanted to say "hang in there!" If you need some help unloading boxes, just holler. My three could hang out with your three and we could work double time. But it sounds like you're making great progress!!

  4. Anonymous said,

    It sounds to me like you all are doing great! Glad to hear you are finding your way about, and places to plug in socially and spiritually.

  5. JenIG said,

    that is fabulous! you're getting a lot done
    : )

    Jen ~

  6. Anonymous said,

    I think you are doing grreat for eight weeks. We have been in our new place over a year and still have boxes to unpack. The thing I am thinking now adays is do I even know what are in the boxes and do I even need them should I just look through quick and the give it all away. I am not missing anything so I think that might be ethe I just have to convince my husband of this.

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