Four Day Weekend!

July 3, 2008 at 9:37 am (Uncategorized)

As of  today I am beginning a four day weekend!  Now before you get any visions of me lounging poolside with a tall iced tea….We will be unpacking all weekend! 

My husband somehow managed to get four days off in a row!  YAY!!! So I have vowed to stay off the computer and actually make some progress with unpacking! (Although we do have plans to go swimming at some friends house on the 4th.  But other than that it will be work, work work!  LOL)

Hopefully the next time I post I can tell you all about how neat and organized my new house is!

Cause she has high hopes, high hopes, high apple pie in the sky hopes! lalalala…


1 Comment

  1. J-Mom said,

    Keep on unpacking! I got to a stopping point after our last move, which is almost a year ago. And I have never gone back into the garage for unpacking since. I need to unpack my garage. Maybe you have just inspired me!

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