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I love pictures!  I am sure that comes as no surprise to you if you have ever visited my blog before.  But, the thing I really love is decorating my house with pictures.  LOTS of them!  When we packed our house up in

Las Vegas to move I asked one friend to take down all the pictures and pack them.  When she was done she had 9 boxes of pictures!  (We had a lot of wall space in that house!  LOL)  So it has been killing me to be in this house for 2 months now with NO pictures on the walls!  This weekend we took care of that!

Here is what we put over the fireplace. (Don’t ask me why someone put paneling over brick.  Trust me, it wasn’t US!  LOL)
The picture of the kids is my FAVORITE and was take in 2004 when they were 1, 3 and 10.  The picture of the old barn in the field of flowers was taken by my husband in the early 1990’s.  It is a barn in Lompoc, California.  Lompoc is where they grow seeds for the Burpee Seed Company.  Each year they have Flower Festival when everything is in bloom. It is SO pretty! 

This is next to the TV in the Family Room.  (Yes, I HATE the paneling!  But, for now we are living with it.  I hope we can take it down SOON! Can you tell this house was built in the 60’s?)
The horse collar is the one my grandfather used for farming.  My dad had it made into a clock after my grandfather died.  After my dad died my oldest son inherited it.  He is named after my grandfather.  The picture is of my great-great grandparents.  It was taken in 1895.  Under the picture of my great-great grandparents is the Lord’s Prayer.

This is over the dining room table.
This is the quilt made in 1904 by my husband’s great grandmother.  (You can read about it 

HERE.)  The pictures of the kids were the first studio pics we had of them after our youngest was born.

Entry Hall
These are all the "first" family photos we used for the kids birth announcements.  These are on a table under their framed birth announcements.

This is the other wall in the entry hall.
I told you I like pictures!

Besides pictures I really like to put unexpected things on the wall.  Like quilts & horse collars. Some of the other unusual things we have used to decorate with are a boat oar from my paternal grandfather, my father’s army shovel, my grandparents headboard, a shelf full of rocks we have collected in our travels, antique

Glass Clorox bottles from my great grandparents old farm and this….

Over our bed.
If you haven’t figured it out yet that is a cast of ME when I was pregnant with one of my kids.  I have several of these that we made when I was pregnant.  (This is the only craft my husband has ever showed any interest it!  LOL)  This is the first house we have hung one of these up in.  When we were moving I found out that the cats had gotten the box open I had them all stored in.  I found a cat asleep in my stomach!  LOL  So I decided if I was going to keep them I should at least hang one.  I have big plans to decoupage tissue paper and tissue flowers and butterflies on it.  But, for now at least the cats can’t get in this one!  LOL  The pictures are of me with each of the kids at one month old.

Here is another wall in our room.
I had a baby outfit framed from each of the kids.  The sign over it says "All because two people fell in love!" As you can see from the pile under the pictures we have not gotten the master bedroom all put together yet!

I don’t have everything hung up yet.  Actually I can only hang up a fraction of what we had in the last house here.  (More windows and open concept living = less wall space!)  So I am having to go through and make hard choices of what stays and what comes out of frames and goes into scrapbooks.  (Another project!)

At least we have pictures on the walls now!  I am SO happy!  It is starting to feel like home finally!


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  1. J-Mom said,

    Look at all this inspiration you are giving me. My walls are still blank too! This is actually wanting me to go and get my stuff finished, and it's been sitting for quite awhile. Your place looks great. I love the use of family heirlooms of old and to be.

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