Magnetic Poetry

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Words, words fabulous words! In case you have never noticed I LOVE words! I love to talk, write, read, listen and even play with words!  Magnetic Poetry hit the market in 1993 and I think that must be when I bought my first package.  Over the years I have acquired probably a dozen of these fun little magnetic words kits.

What is Magnet Poetry?  They are simply little magnets with words on them.  You buy them in kits and can stick them on the fridge and rearrange them into all kinds of fun and interesting sentences.  it is addictive!  For some weird reason I never put them on the fridge at the last house.  (Probably because the kids got  Frigits right when we moved there and those were always on the fridge.) 

Over the weekend I came across my 8 X 10 metal pan of Magnetic Poetry.  At first I thought I would just play with them a little and put a few sentences on the fridge.  Then my daughter saw them!  I guess she doesn’t remember them from the house in California.  She went CrAzY over them! She has been having so much fun making sentences we have covered the whole fridge with words!  (The fridge will only hold about half the words we own, so we will be able to switch them out over time.)

Here is a picture of the words on our fridge.

Here is the pan where we store the extras. (It has a plastic snap on lid for great storage.)

Yesterday when I started writing up this post I went to just so I could link to it.  Well guess what I found?  FREE online magnetic poetry!  This is so cool!  You can play with the different sets of words online on a virtual fridge!  LOL  HERE are the kids sets and HERE are the grown-up sets. My daughter had a blast yesterday playing with these!  This is a great fun way for her to practice her reading and composing skills!  YAY!



  1. Dana @ School For Us said,

    What a lot of words!!! Looks like a fun way to pass some time. I think I've seen these kits at Half Price Books and might go check them out. Have fun "writing!"

  2. J-Mom said,

    I guess no one is ever at a loss of words in your household!
    Pretty cool.

  3. abundantlyblessedtoo said,

    I have to admit that I got a little set of these at a garage sale YEARS ago and never put it on the refrigerator. When I read your post, I clicked on the link to the online magnetic writing you included and I have to say I had fun! : ) I was surprised. But it did bring out some creativeness in me.

    So, I then remembered that I had that little set somewhere and went searching for it. I found it in the 3rd place I looked. My 11yodd and I put them on the fridge and had fun making goofy sentences as we did so. That evening, my 15yods spent a few minutes making his own goofy sentences using them; I was shocked.

    So, I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I think we might all "play with words" a bit more around here.

    Michele ºÜº

  4. jewls2texas said,

    You did not tell us how you magically keep them off of your floor! 🙂
    I love this kind of thing too.

  5. http// said,

    I went and played here for awhile and had a GREAT time! Then I wrote the site down in my list of places the kids will play for school this year. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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