Works for Me Wed. – Mopping Slippers

July 16, 2008 at 9:16 am (Uncategorized)

One of my pet peeves is when I mop and then I find MY OWN footprints right there on my freshly mopped floor!  We have solid surface flooring in all but 3 rooms. So I have A LOT of space to mop, I certainly don’t want to do it twice! 

So a few months ago I found these funny little mopping slippers.  They are called the Slipper Genie.  The package says "Slip em on and they’ll do the cleaning for you."  Honestly, I cannot say they clean the floor for me.  BUT, they do keep my annoying footprints off my newly mopped floor!  LOL

Plus they make the kids LAUGH!  LOL Works for me!

 You can find the Slipper Genie’ s  HERE 



  1. sharoncrooks said,

    Ok, it's nice to know that I'm not the ONLY one that has this very same problem! LOL
    I have tried socks, but when they get even a little wet, they STILL leave prints! ugh.
    I will be getting a pair of these. Thanks for sharing!

    Complete in Him,

  2. J-Mom said,

    That is awesome. I had heard of people doing that back when I was pregnant, but never thought much more of it. Now I get to think that would have been cool to do. Too bad casting my big nonpregnant belly wouldn't be as cool.

  3. J-Mom said,

    I was posting on the decorated pregnant cast and it put my comment on the shoes. Who knows what happened?

  4. mamaduso said,

    That is such a neat idea. I love how you chose to decorate it. Simply but with so much meaning.

  5. redmom said,

    This is totally cool. I love your decorating and, especially, the thought and meaning you put into it.

    When I led youth camps, I often did a "face mask" project. It takes several days. But you can use regular gauze and plaster of paris. The secret is that you HAVE to slather Vaseline all over the face (especially eyebrows – and keep out of the hairline). Then you lay the gauze down and paint the plaster on. Once it dries, you very carefully work it off. From there, you can paint on a couple more layers, then decorate.

    Doubt that would work for a big area like this, though. That plaster impregnated gauze sounds cool, though!

  6. Anonymous said,

    Oh Jamin! You never cease to amaze–I have my old belly cast that is just collecting dust and unfinished…how do you get it smooth? I'll have to look at the modge podge stuff.
    Great job!

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