Amelia Earhart Lapbook

July 18, 2008 at 10:24 am (Uncategorized)

We have a new lapbook!  My 13 year old just finished the Hands of a Child Amelia Earhart lapbook.  This was the free quarterly lapbook from HOAC last quarter. 


Since this is a pre-made lapbook and you can learn all about it over at the HOAC website, I thought I would tell you how I assign lapbooks to my 13 year old instead.

First I print out all the material and give it to him in a folder with a large empty ziploc bag to store the booklets when he finishes them.

Then we sit down together and figure out how many booklets there will be and when we want the lapbook to be completed.  (We decide this based on how many other things he is working on for school.)

Then we divide the number of booklets by the number of days he will work on it.  Usually he ends up doing 2 to 4 booklets per day.

He works on them
in any order he chooses.  Honestly I think he does all the easy ones first and then saved the harder ones for last.  (LOL)  Sometimes he will ask me if one booklet can count for the whole day if it is a more involved booklet.  (I usually let him since this is suppose to be fun!)  Once he has all the booklets completed he and I sit together and assemble it.  Then we show it off to his younger siblings who are always jealous that they can’t do lapbooks on their own yet!

(I also usually assign him at least one book to read on whatever topic the lapbook is on.  He finds the info in books, on the internet, and in the info packets that come with the lapbook.  He is usually always working on a lapbook.  When he finished one we decide what one he wants to do next. 

This Amelia Earhart lapbook was a fun one for me since I have always been fascinated with Amelia Earhart!  Having grown up in Kansas she was always a person I found interesting. (Since she was from Kansas too!) It was fun to see my son having fun learning about her too. I had fun reading through the lapbook and the books I assigned him too!




  1. Anonymous said,

    Great job on the lapbook. Thanks for the info on how you assign your projects to your 13yo…my ds2 just turned 13 and he has been a little more reluctant to do lapbooks. I'm sure if I let him be in charge a little more it may help. Have a great weekend. Julie

  2. 4sweetums said,

    What a great lapbook. I hope to get much more in to lapbooking this year.

  3. sonshine4u said,

    I grew up in Kansas too! 🙂
    I am looking forward to doing more lapbooks this year. Right now we are working on an American Girl Doll one (Kit). I'll post about it when we are done!

  4. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the info on how you assign lapbooks to your boy. I have a 13 yo also (and 7 & 4, we've had that conversation before) and he acts like he doesn't like lapbooks, but the very very few times that I have actually assigned him one – I can tell he enjoys it. I like the way you get everything ready for him first – I am going to try this with my son and see if that might just help. We are studying the Civil War right now so I might get online and start checking out lapbooks for that era. Maybe on slavery. A subject I am passionate about. Thanks for all the ideas!
    Kelly in Az

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