How To Eat A Mango – Grammy Style!

July 29, 2008 at 9:46 am (Uncategorized)

My Mother-In-Law was born in Indonesia and she enjoyed exotic fruits from her childhood all her life.  I had never eaten a mango until I met my mother-in-law!  So I always think of her when we have mango.  Yesterday the kids were eating mango and I decided to try to teach them to eat them the way Grammy did.

Step One:
Slice the mango as close to in half as you can.  There is a BIG pit, so you will have to cut around it. (You can trim the rest off the side and eat it later.)

Step Two:
Make slits going both directions with a knife.  Don’t cut through the skin.

Step Three:
Pop it inside out!

Step Four:


All Gone!

My husband said she also liked to put salt and chili powder on them.  I don’t remember that, but I am sure he is right. (I am going to have to try that next time!) This may be the way everyone eats a mango, but to us it is the Grammy way!I hope that from now on the kids too will think of Grammy when they eat a mango.

We miss you Grammy!



  1. Jimmie said,

    We use this method too! A Chinese friend taught me several years ago. Sprite LOVES mangos. I'm glad because they are so nutritious!

    In Thailand, they eat a lot of tropical fruits dipped into chili and sugar or chili and salt. I love the chili and sugar combo! It's the best on guava. But pineapple is good too!

    Traveling — it's all about the food. 🙂

  2. kaenhu said,

    Hey there! With our Jamaican-Vietnamese family, we are mango eating machines! Vietnamese people eat them for meals, snacks and dessert! I sometimes cut them like that but I grew up with my mom peeling them and then making pretty decorative slices and so I'm partial to that. LOL Tastes the same though. If you accidentally cut into an underripe mango, the chile-lime thing is great!!! We also eat them with Vietnamese sweet chili sauce, if you can get that. Oh, and if you really are adventurous, try them with hot flour tortillas and Monterey Jack cheese–great summery wrap! And they are of course great in smoothies with a banana, pineapples, pineapple juice, and coconut milk. Not to mention mango salsa. But my favorite is just plain! LOL

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