Little Business Woman

August 1, 2008 at 10:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Can you believe there are only 145 days until Christmas?  LOL My 7 year old is spending part of her summer vacation getting ready for Christmas!  You see she has decided that she wants to have a "bead boutique" in November.  So like a smart little business woman she is building up her inventory now! 

Here she is working little girl bracelets

Showing off her work

A few of the 6" little girl bracelets she has already made.

She has all kinds of great ideas about bracelets, and necklaces and fun little sets she is planning on making. She is investing a little bit of her allowance in her project week by week.  

So why her brothers are spending their summer sleeping late and playing video games my little 

Proverbs 31 girl is planning for the future!  Be on the lookout for her beautiful creations for sale on my blog come November!

And all the while she is learning about math and business and design and….



  1. SchoolinRhome said,

    WOW! What an awesome ides. We are starting to make things for Christmas gifts. The bracelet bouque is such a great idea. It would be neat to find a gospel track to put with each one in a baggie or small jewelry box. The track could be about how we are jems in the Lord's eyes or something like that – Just and idea but that would be a great gift for Sunday School teachers to purchase for their classes or girls'club groups.
    Tell your daughter GREAT JOB! The bracelets look great!

  2. CandaceC said,

    Jamin, I love this! And I would love to let my girls make these bracelets for little girl cousins for Christmas! Can you give us more details on what a child would need to get started doing this? I don't know that we want to sell any…but what would we need to make bracelets for gifts? We haven't ever done it before, so where would you start?


  3. hugabunchmom said,

    That is so fantastic! What a wonderful way to spend some summer break time, and they are truly beautiful. I also love your pics of pumpkin and your son dressing up, funny the things they all go through. Thanks for the many tips, I had to jot down the worksheet site, it is fantastic!! Hugs!

  4. Anonymous said,

    This week Hobby Lobby has beads and jewelry things 50 % off this week. FYI
    Love your site!

  5. Anonymous said,

    She is so cute! I love her ideas for bracelets. I also make bracelets and necklaces and earings with my beading set. I have made some very cute earings for the pastors at our church and my family and some bueatiful necklaces for my friends. I really hope she gets a very good job going. Is it an online thing? Well if it is I hope I get a chance to see her wonderful creations!

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